10 Great Reasons to Go into Nursing


There are many reasons people consider becoming a nurse. While nursing can be difficult, stressful, emotional, and exhausting, it can also be wonderfully rewarding and uplifting. If you are interested in becoming a nurse and enjoying all of these benefits, start by applying for an online nursing degree from Arizona State University.

Here are just 10 of the fantastic reasons you should pursue a career in nursing.

1. To Help Others

Being a nurse gives you a brilliant opportunity to help those in need. While this work can be tough, you’ll get to go home every day knowing you made a huge difference not just to patients but also to their family and friends.

2. Fulfilment

There will be bad days and you will have to face difficult situations. But, you’ll also get to see the difference you make to people. You’ll get to watch as patients become more comfortable and get better. You’ll get to see the families learn and grow. Being around such hope and joy can be very fulfilling.

3. Future Prospects

Once you are a qualified nurse there are many future career prospects open to you. You could become a nurse practitioner, nurse manager, research nurse, practice manager, or even a teacher.

4. Range of Specialities

As a nurse, there are many specialist fields open to you. You could work with children, the elderly, in mental health care, midwifery, or oncology. If you don’t want to be around patients every day you could work as a lab technician or research nurse, and if you don’t want to work in a hospital setting you could find work in schools, old people’s homes, or health care practices. There are an extensive amount of possibilities out there, and this list showing types of nursing specialties will give you a better idea of the educational requirements and the salary range for twenty of the fastest growing specializations.

5. Earnings

Senior nurses or those with specialist knowledge are very well paid for their time and can have great pensions, as well as the option to retire early.

6. It’s a Growth Industry

There is a huge nursing shortage across the country so your skills would be valued and you’d never need to worry about finding work. As the population continues to age and immigration levels rise, the need for nursing staff will continue to grow.


7. Flexibility

While working as a nurse practitioner in a hospital can mean long or unsociable hours there are other options. For those seeking more flexible work and especially those with young children, working as a practice nurse could be a great option. Healthcare practices are often open 9-5 and there could even be the option to work part-time or job share.

8. Patient Time

Being a nurse often allows you to spend more time with patients than doctors can. You have the chance to get to know your patients and their families, offering them emotional support when they need it most.

9. Learning

As a nurse, there is always the chance to learn. You could take an online RN to BSN degree or go on a course to learn new skills in your chosen specialty. Nursing is great for those who are always keen to learn and get bored without a challenge.

10. It’s a Great Second Career

Many people go into nursing in later life, bringing invaluable life experience and knowledge to the role. The profession is willing to accept people of any age from all walks of life.

Nursing is a great career. Are you a nurse? Let us know in the comments.


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