Five Tasty German Foods Your Family Will Love



Are you anxious to spice up your kitchen with new dishes for your family but are getting a lot of backlash?


Wanting to create diverse meals while still pleasing picky kids is a challenge for any parent, especially when it comes to food they might not be used to like sauerkraut or schnitzel.


If you want to try out German recipes, here are a few that are familiar to kids already and guaranteed to satisfy even the most difficult-to-please eater.


1) German Pancake Bites


Not many children know that many of the delicious American foods they’re so used to enjoying can be served with a European twist.


These pancakes are petite and deliciously covered in fruit. They’re very easy to make and include all the same ingredients as homemade buttermilk pancakes: eggs, milk, flour, and butter. What makes German pancakes unique is the use of an Air Fryer.

Interested in this recipe but don’t have an air fryer of your own? There are several models that are very popular in Germany and not too expensive. If these pancake bites are a hit with your kids, an air fryer might just be a worthwhile addition to your kitchen.


2) Kasespatzle

This rich and creamy dish is Germany’s version of macaroni and cheese. Made with soft egg noodles and covered in melted cheese (this dish gets its name from the German word for cheese), Kasespatzle is a very popular German meal and considered a German specialty. It’s a great side that pairs well with meats, but could also be served on its own if your kid is a strict mac n’ cheese eater.


3) Rote grutze


This is a refreshing dessert that’s considered to be a pudding and popular in north Germany. This pudding is popularly made with black and red currants, raspberries and, depending on the season, strawberries and cherries. To mellow out the tartness of the berries, the dish is served with a later of cream, a glass of milk, or vanilla ice cream. It’s the perfect treat for a summer’s day and simple to put together.


4) Eintopf


This dish is perfect for any meat eater that’s looking for a hearty stew, or on a cold winter’s day after playing in the snow. This dish is a German stew that means “one pot,” because of the way the stew is cooked. Ingredients sit in a large pot for several hours, including meat, vegetables, and a thick broth. Eintopf is delicious, flavorful, and will warm up any child on a cold day.


5) Brezel


Your kids are already used to the famous German pretzel at a carnival or fair, so it’s a perfect dish to make from scratch because they’ll already be interested in eating it.


Made from flour, water and yeast with a dash of salt, Brezels are perfect for a light snack or on the go. In Germany you’ll never see a street corner without a Brezel carrier or a bakery that specializes in their buttery goodness. You might also want to try pairing cheese or cold meats with this dish for a well-rounded lunch.


Even if your kids are content eating their favorite foods, it never hurts to take them slightly out of their comfort zone to get them interested in a new menu. German food hosts many accessible substitutes for American foods, so there’s bound to be a few your kids will like.


Try getting your kids to cook these dishes with you as a way for them to see what they’re going to eat and realize it doesn’t look so foreign after all. It’s also an opportunity to spend time with your kids and teach them about the fundamentals of cooking if they don’t normally step into your kitchen unless it’s to eat. If you try to incorporate these foods into your cookbook, perhaps your kids will become fond of new and exciting European dishes.



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