Coworking Comfort – How to Make Yourself Comfortable in a Coworking Space



You have found a great coworking space among the many that make up the Hong Kong’s business environment. In usual fashion, your coworking space is fitted out with the latest amenities making work great. The space is one of Hong Kong’s twenty-four-hour offices, which allows you to work at your convenience.

The coworking space offers a variety of events and activities to encourage interaction. The space is almost perfect, except you have not quite connected with those in your environment making the space only about work. However, you just need to allow some time to settle in as  one of the major benefits to this office solution is that the space does most of the work of networking for you.

Continue reading below for some useful tips on how you can get comfortable in a coworking space and maximise your experience.

Consider Co-Living While Coworking

One of the hottest trends in Hong Kong is the concept of co-living residences that also have cropped up in response to exceedingly high rents in the city. As professionals shack up with each other, they are beginning to find community. One solution to coworking doldrums is to consider co-living as a way to both reduce costs and work in close proximity to your coworking space.

Look for co-living spaces that are near some of the more popular coworking spaces. Please click on the following link at to see some popular areas where coworking outfits are located around the province. By co-living, you might develop friendships that can extend into your coworking space.

Join The Coworking Community

The benefit of working in a coworking space is in part because of its social benefits. However, one of the best ways to get comfortable in a space is to participate in the community. Prospective renters can get involved in a number of ways.

Make an effort to attend events that are relevant to your business and the goals you want to accomplish. Plus, most coworking spaces in Hong Kong make a concerted effort to get members to participate by holding various social and professional events. coworking professionals can also get involved by volunteering to help out with any community events. You could also volunteer to host events that place a spotlight on the different activities your business engages in, and more specifically, show off your expertise.

But, Start Small

The best way to get comfortable in your workspace involves getting to know the people you work around on a daily basis. Take this opportunity to chat with others about your industry while working at the hot desk. Not that you want to monopolise their time, but these networking opportunities are the foundation of more work, namely the collaboration.

Collaborating with others in the community is probably the culmination of a lot of networking effort, but more than raising your business’s profile, these activities also place you firmly within the coworking social scene. With access to a number of resources through all of this connecting, you can find it easy to get a number of tasks completed quickly. Ultimately, making connections in your immediate workspace can be the start of creating a comfortable workspace.

Stash Creature Comforts

When all else fails, surround yourself with the things that make work comfortable. Bring your favourite coffee cup to work, or create a screensaver that cheers you up. A comfortable seating cushion can make a work chair feel like the most comfortable living room piece. Finally, do not forget to bring music to tune out the often gregarious atmosphere.

Coworking Comfort

Making yourself at home involves getting to know those around you in your immediate environment. Whether this involves moving into a co-living space close to your coworking space, networking and relationship building, or bringing a little bit of home to the office, getting comfortable can happen in many ways. Ultimately, though your comfortable place in the community translates into your most productive place.



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