How to Set Out Your Wedding Day Photography Plan



If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a wedding photo must be worth at least a billion. A well-composed wedding photo encapsulates the emotional weight and memories of your most special day. Yet, great wedding pictures do not happen by pure serendipity. They take time, energy, and strategic planning. If you find yourself thinking “I need to have the most amazing pictures at my wedding,” here are a few ways to make that happen.

 Collaboration is Key

At its core, a wedding is truly a collaboration. It is an exchange between husband and wife, a mixing of friend groups, and an interchange of families. The wedding itself is an artistic endeavor headed by multiple entities. The wedding photos are being taken by a photographer, overseen by a wedding planner, and are enjoyed by the married couple. Thus, for the pictures to be a success, there needs to be open and honest communication between all parties.

Talk to your wedding photographer, let them know exactly what you want to capture. Be detailed in your descriptions, and ask your wedding planner when would be the best time for a photo break. If all parties are working cohesively, this will show in the quality of your photos!


Take Advantage of Your Whole Day

You will want to incorporate every element of your day into your photography plan. This will not just be crucial moments like cutting the cake or walking down the aisle. These will be the candid, realistic moments. You will want to look back and see the process of getting ready with your wedding party. Maybe you will want to see the car ride to the church or the arrival of your guests.

Your wedding should, hopefully, be a day that you will remember for years to come. Thus, you should capture every moment of it!

Create a Timeline for your Photos

This is crucial: in order to get the photos that you want for your wedding, you need to schedule them. You cannot rely on candid shots alone to record your wedding. You will want posed photos of the bride and groom, flower girls, the reception, the cake, and countless other crucial moments. If you want to capture everything, you need to set the time aside for these camera moments. Most importantly, you need to create a schedule.

The best way to establish a schedule is to meet with your photographer and planner well in advance. A professional wedding photographer has captured multiple weddings, and may have an outline that has worked for them in the past. Let your photographer know what moments are imperative and be willing to make some minor compromises.

Make certain that this schedule is made long before the wedding. This way, on the day of your nuptials, you can focus on what matters the most!

 Be Realistic About Your Timing 

When making your schedule, you need to set aside an appropriate amount of time for your photos. It’s a common misconception that photos are expedient. In fact, they are actually somewhat arduous and long. It can take several moments to set up the lighting, framing, and equipment. Once the shot is established, it can take even longer to compose the individuals in the photo.

This is why you need to block off large chunks of time for your photos. Allow yourself at least 30 minutes for minor shots, and at least an hour for imperative pictures. This may seem like a lot of time, but this is simply a precaution against feeling rushed.

The worst case scenario is that you finish your photos ahead of schedule, and you have more time to enjoy your wedding! 

In Conclusion

If you follow these methods, you are all set for achieving the wedding photos of your dreams. You have done the preparation, you have established your framework, and now you can smile for the camera!


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