How to Practically Cope with the Loss of a Loved One

Losing someone you love is one of the hardest things anyone can go through in life. Realizing that this person you care about will no longer be around can be a heart-wrenching thought, and the prospect of having to carry on can initially seem nigh on impossible. However, one way of getting through this period of time is to take practical measures to help sort out the necessary things that need to be done and give you the time and peace of mind to grieve properly.

This guide will walk you through the three most important things you can do right now to make this difficult time go as smoothly as possible.

Getting them justice

First of all, if your loved one was undergoing medical treatment before they passed away and there is a suspicion of medical negligence having led to their death, you must get in touch with a trusted medical negligence inquest solicitor to help you find out exactly what happened and if you have a claim. This is an important thing to do because:

a.)    It will get your loved one justice, and

b.)   The compensation can help take away the financial burden of paying for the funeral.

The thought of the person you care about going before their time is not a pleasant one, but it is imperative that you get them the justice they deserve to help you and the rest of the family get closure and heal.

Resting in peace

The most pressing practical matter in this scenario is, of course, planning the funeral. This is a task that needs to be done quickly and requires a lot of organization, which is not the best task for someone like yourself who is grieving.

One way of making this process easier is to use a funeral planning checklist which you can methodically work your way through and rest easy that you haven’t forgotten anything important. For example:

  • Find out if arrangements were made ahead of time by the person who passed away
  • What elements need to be included? – Were they religious? Are there family traditions? Did they want to be buried or cremated?
  • If you are going to have a viewing- What clothes would they want to wear? What photo will be best for the mortician to use?

Don’t lock it all away

Of course, the practical planning will help you to relieve some of the stress and give you some peace of mind but the ultimate goal of dealing with these tasks is so that you can allow yourself to grieve. Learning how to grieve properly is vital to getting through this period in your life, so here are some tips so you start off right:

  • Allow yourself to feel it- although the emotions are not pleasant, burying them deep down will not help you.
  • Try to focus on the good times – as they say, ‘don’t be sad because it’s over, be glad because it happened.’
  • Talk to other members of your family and keep the lines of communication open


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