9 Hacks for a Decor with a More Spacious Appeal

It is always nice to have a spacious appeal. It gives a satisfactory expression on the visitors’ face. If you already have a spacious area, then no problem. But if you have a small space to make it look spacious, then there are ways to do it. They are simple and easy to install. They are hacks for more spacious appeal.

So, here are 9 hacks for décor with a more spacious appeal.

White wall colors

White wall colors are bright during the day. They reflect light. So, they help in spreading enough light on to the corners of the room. When you throw light to all the corners, it gives a spacious appeal. It is good to add bright colors or white colors to the walls.

The white color is the best choice. They suit any type of space. Be it commercial space or residential space, white suit any place.  If you do not prefer white, go for lighter shades of bright colors like cream shade, baby pink shades and many more. They too are pretty good at reflecting light.

Acoustic baffle panels

To create a spacious appeal, availing some amount to space is essential. So, to décor do not use the floor space. Use the ceiling for the decoration. Hang acoustic baffle panels to your ceiling. They will decorate your space and relax the environment too. Even the environment create depth in the area. Acoustic baffle panels are available at various prices. This makes it possible for anybody to use them.

High-wall mounted shelves

Tall walls are always preferred for creating a spacious room illusion. To make that length of the wall mount, use decors. Add a high wall mounted shelves. Mount them at a distance from the floor to the wall. This will make your visitors look up. Then, they will notice your tall walls. Your effort to create an illusion of a spacious room would get completed.

It is easy to install a high-wall mount shelf. You can add some bright and catchy decors in them. It will attract the attention of the viewers. This is easy and simple. All you need is a portable shelf and some time to nail it.

Acoustic fabric wall covering

Walls are the best place to decorate. They do not use your space and yet creates a beautiful look. The atmosphere in a room will help people feel the spaciousness of the place. So, to get a combined effect of spacious place and a calm place, use acoustic fabric wall covering. They save space. They absorb noise. They even create a beautiful look with the help of fabric wall covering. They are worth your investment.

Mirror work

Mirror work is the best way to make your space look wide and large. Mirrors will reflect back anything in front of it. So use mirrors. Place them or affix them with a full length to one of the side walls of the room. They will reflect what is on the other side. This will create an illusion of extension.

When any somebody visits your place, they will not be able to make out the difference unless the touch it. There are professionals who are great at this art. Mirror works are also done with different methods. They cost according to labor work. Mirror work is a great hack for décor with a more spacious appeal.

Acoustic mat

Anyways you will be using the mats for your room. Use acoustic mat instead of plain ones. Add designed mats to give more dimensions to your area. They have a special property of absorbing the unwanted noise. They help you in decorating the place. Acoustic mat is available in various designs. Their geometric designs create a peaceful environment and spacious look to your place.

Geometric decors

Geometric decors always change the dimensions appeal. They help you to add more depth to your place. Must to use decor hacks to make your small place look spacious. There are many decors made in different geometric shapes. You can add different sizes of decors to your shelves and tables.

Do not add too many shapes. They might cause a chaotic atmosphere. If you are using only square or cubic shape, add only those types. If you want to use different shapes, then decorate only one part of the place. Along with the spacious appeal, it is also important to make it a relaxing and pleasant place.

Acoustic partition

Create small partitions at a distance from the entrance. This will create a spacious appeal to your entrance. Acoustic partitions are best at partitioning the space. They also have space to add decors over them. They are also available in various designs. They absorb echoes and unpleasant sounds letting your visitors enjoy your spacious place. A good mirror work over them will help you to create an illusion of extension. So, add an acoustic partition to your space for peace and spacious appeal.

Remove unwanted things

Easiest hack is to remove unwanted things from the space. This makes more empty space at your place. Remove unwanted extra sofa, chairs and tables. They will make a large space in your room. In fact, you can sell them or give to someone who is in need. Get rid of old and unwanted things.

After you remove them, clean up the empty space. So, you would have retained the most necessary things. Re-arrange the remaining things. This will leave space for emptiness. That will make your place look large. This hack requires no money. If you plan well, you can gain by selling your used goods.


Above are 9 hacks for décor with a more spacious appeal. They are simple to understand. They easy to adapt. They are very effective in making your place look spacious. They are available almost everywhere. So, us these hacks in any area you want. They will help you make the difference.



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