Tips for Helping Your Kids Take Care of Their Teeth



Although you know the importance of teaching your kids how to take care of their teeth, you may find yourself (and them) slacking sometimes. Proper dental habits go a long way in helping your kids maintain self-confidence, physical health, and saving money for both of you in the future. Here are some great tips to better ensure your kids have brighter, healthier smiles for decades to come.

Explain the Toothbrush

Rather than handing your kids a toothbrush and tell them to get brushing, take this one step further. Specifically explain that they’re brushing away invisible plaque on their teeth that can work its way into their gums and teeth which can cause decay When your kids have a better idea of why it’s so important that they brush twice a day and what can happen if they don’t, they’re less likely to skip brushing and brush their teeth the right way rather than half-heartedly.

Be a Leader

Kids pay more attention and retain more information than we think. For this reason, it’s important to set a good example when it comes to taking proper care of your teeth. Things such as using reliable toothpaste like Colgate Total SF, flossing, and scrubbing your tongue are all great ways to show your kids the proper way to take care of their oral health. Creating a regular dental routine that your kids can follow will go a long way.

Allow Kids to Choose Their Own Toothbrush

Something else that can motivate kids to brush their teeth on the regular is picking out their own toothbrush. There so many choices of brushes for kids today and letting them select their own brush with their favorite movie character or color can give them a sense of excitement and control, making them want to brush their teeth instead of you asking them to.

Visit the Dentist Regularly

This tip should go without saying, but it certainly deserves a spot on the list. Schedule a trip to the dentist for your kids at least twice a year, more if your dentist recommends it. Your kids may be either hesitant or downright frightened about going to the dentist. If so, bring up these fears with your child’s dentist to see what you can do together to help ease your child’s fears or hesitations. It’s best to look for a dentist who specializes in child dentistry because she or he already has experience with children and can teach them how to take proper care of their developing teeth.

Watch What They Drink

Most kids love juice, but that love can lead to a high sugar intake, which is just as bad for their physical health as it is their oral health. Sugary residue can cling to the teeth, where it can lead to, you guessed it, tooth decay. Try limiting your kids to four ounces of 100% juice a day and encourage drinking water after drinking juice or even as an alternative.

When they’re older, your kids are sure to thank you that you taught them how to care for their teeth and oral health. Try to remember these tips when it’s time for your kids to brush their teeth before school and before bed.


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