Hibiscus Flowers

We bought some hibiscus seeds a while ago and planted them in the garden. I thought they were just hibiscus bushes like I’ve always had. But these are much different. The plants took off and grew quite large but no blooms. Then about a month ago we received hibiscus seed pods in our Local Fare Jax food bag. I wasn’t sure what there were. We looked it up and then went in our back yard to see our hibiscus bushes were full of pods!


We tasted them straight off the bush and found them to be tart, a bit like rhubarb.  We chopped some up and put into a salad. We dried some out to see what the pods and seeds looked like.



Last weekend I decided to make a pie. I used Granny Smith and Fuji apples and diced up hibiscus petals.

We also boiled the petals down into a simple syrup to use in mixed drinks.


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