How to avoid a car accident

No one wants to be involved in a car accident. Driving can be dangerous, and the thought of being in an accident can be scary. You might need to go to the hospital, get a new car and consult with a car accident lawyer. Plus, you’ll be feeling shaken and anxious about getting back on the road.

Avoiding a car accident means follow good driving practices and hoping that fellow drivers are doing the same. Whilst sometimes accidents simply can’t be avoided, there are certain good practices you can follow to try to prevent an accident from occurring. So, what are they?

Stay off your phone

In our modern age, it can be difficult to stay off our phones while driving. We might use our phone for directions, or need to speak to someone on the way. However, it’s important to remember that it’s against the law to speak on a hand-held phone, and research shows that using hands-free can be equally as distracting. Checking messages and social media is also dangerous and can easily cause an accident. All it takes is losing your focus for few seconds. So, keep your phone somewhere you’re not tempted to check it, like your bag or the glove compartment. It’s not worth the risk.

Check your brakes

Car accidents are often caused by faulty brakes. Unresponsive breaks can easily lead to accidents because they will not react as quickly as you to a hazard or obstacle. So, make sure you check your brakes regularly. This means looking out for unusual sounds, pulling or vibrations when you apply the brakes. Any unexpected behavior from your brakes should immediately raise concerns, and you should take your vehicle to a mechanic.

Follow the signs

If you’re a regular driver, you’ll know how many road signs there are. Some drivers find this overwhelming, and most probably won’t be able to tell you what they all mean. But, to avoid an accident, it’s important to understand the meaning of road signs and the appropriate action. How can you avoid an accident if you don’t know that a road is icy, or that there’s a hazard ahead? So, make sure you regularly brush up on your signs, and get people to test you, if necessary. You will feel like a more confident driver who is prepared for any obstacle.

Don’t drink and drive

Unfortunately, whilst it’s against the law to drink and drive, many drivers consume alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Some people think they have a higher tolerance, and it won’t affect them. However, this isn’t the case. Alcohol slows our responses and we take longer to react – even if we don’t feel particularly drunk. So, if you’re going to a party or event where you want to drink, don’t take the risk. Get a cab, take public transport or have a designated driver who doesn’t drink that evening. You will be making the roads much safer.



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