Creative kids? Discover 5 creativity-inspiring gifts here

Do you have a budding Picasso at home? Or is your little one always begging to get the arts and craft box out? Are they always making, sticking, gluing and asking you to save pieces of recycling for them? Having a creative kid is a wonderful thing, and there’s nothing more satisfying as a parent to watch their imaginations grow and develop over time.

Whether you’re hoping that they’ll try a new hobby, unlock a hidden talent or discover a new passion, encouraging creativity and imagination in your children is parenting at its best. So, if they’ve got a birthday coming up, or you just want to spoil them a little, you might be wondering how you can incorporate their creative flair or even educate them with the perfect gift – go to this website if you’re looking for STEM toys they can have fun with whilst they learn.

So, with this in mind, I’ve gathered 5 creativity-inspiring gifts here that your kids will love!

A sewing machine

A gift is a powerful thing, especially if it inspires a new hobby or a passion. And learning to sew is just one of those skills that can ignite a spark of creativity and inventiveness in a child. There are numerous child-friendly sewing machines available out there, all of them lightweight, available in bright colours and, perhaps most importantly – come with finger safety guards so their little hands are safe from the sharp needles involved. In addition to a sewing machine, you can gift them everything they need to get started like a sewing basket filled with haberdashery items. You’ll also find patterns and sewing instructions and videos readily available online.

Workshop tools

Do you have a little handy-man (or woman) at home? Forget those flimsy, plastic tools that kids play with from a young age. If your little one loves nothing more than taking things apart, making things and fixing them, then their own set of tools is a must. Used under close supervision there’s no telling of the projects and ideas that they could come up with.


Pottery is a combination of two things that kids love. Making things and getting messy! You could consider gifting them a potters wheel for beginners, or you’ll find many “make your own” kits in the shops. From mugs and cups to tea sets and vases. Ideas and creativity galore!

A magic trick set

Sleight of hand, performance and a sense of magic and mystery. There is a lot to fall in love with where magic is concerned. You’ll find a great range of magic sets available, perfect for children of all ages. So whether they want to pull hankies from their sleeves or make their siblings disappear, there’s something for every child to get stuck into. Magic also promotes practice, patience and performance with many hours dedicated to pulling off tricks effectively.

A metal detector

Metal detecting has had a bit of a renaissance lately. And what child can resist the thought of buried treasure? Under close supervision, your child can get some fresh air, exercise and spend some quality time with you as they search for hidden relics and coins from long ago.



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