4 things your child is never too young to learn about

As a parent, it’s natural to want to hide anything stressful or too serious from your children. They’re young and they deserve to have a happy childhood without worrying about boring adult things.  

However, while children most definitely deserve to grow up without worrying, there are certain things that children simply aren’t too young to learn about. Knowing about these topics now will put them in good stead for the future. So, what are they?

Road safety

While your child might not learn to drive until they are at least sixteen, all children should learn about road safety. Why? Because roads are dangerous, and your child will be crossing them. Children need to learn to look both ways before they cross the road and to always cross at a safe crossing point. They might have lots of difficult questions, especially when they are learning to drive themselves – and that’s fine (for example, what happens if you get hit by an uninsured driver in Texas? You or your child, depending on their age, may need to contact a lawyer). Answer all questions honestly and openly, and always make sure you are driving safely to set a good example, especially when your child is in the vehicle. 


Teaching children about money can be difficult. Often, parents wait until their kids are a little older and more responsible. However, the sooner your kids learn about money, the better. Sure, you don’t want to be concerning them about your own financial problems. But, if you can teach your children the value of money in a fun and educational way, this will put them in a stronger position going forward. Try playing games such as Monopoly or pretending to be a shopkeeper. A child who knows the value of money becomes a more responsible adult. 


The topic of consent is becoming more discussed in recent years, with the ‘Me Too’ movement shining a light on how many predators are out there. While a “sex talk” might not be appropriate for young children, the importance of consent can be taught early on by using the right language and respecting their boundaries. Respect your child’s wishes when it comes to hugging, kissing, cuddling and tickling, and teach them the importance of reporting inappropriate behavior. This stuff isn’t easy, but it’s important for the future. 

Internet safety

The internet isn’t going anywhere, which means that parents have to raise their children in a world they didn’t grow up in. Even if you don’t allow your young children to use the internet, they might use a phone or computer at school or at a friend’s house. It’s important to teach your kids about internet safety so they don’t get into any danger. Make sure they know to keep personal information private and teach them how to use social networking sites safely. Setting boundaries for internet use and parental controls will help to keep the situation under control. 



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