Fitting Shopping into Your Busy Life

When you’re a working mother who also wants to make the most of her time with her family, it may seem difficult to fit shopping into your already packed schedule. Instead, by contemplating other ways of getting what you need done, or figuring out ways to incorporate this into family life, you may be able to make all the pieces fit together. Having a job whilst being a parent is challenging, rewarding, and often difficult to do on your own. When brought together, it may feel like you get no time to undertake the rest of the tasks that are required of you, even if your partner takes on their share of the work too. This is why a bit of forethought can be your new best friend.

Ordering Gifts

Gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions may seem like just one more job on your increasing to-do list, but there are ways to get around this. Rather than trying to make a trip to a bricks and mortar store, you may want to consider utilizing the internet. Ordering gifts to be delivered can take a lot of the work off your plate. This can include bespoke or personalized gifts, as you can get items such as custom canvas prints online, which will then be sent directly to either yourself or the recipient. Some sites may allow you to also include a gift message, which further removes work from your plate.

Grocery Shopping Made Fun

Getting grocery shopping is essential. After a long day working and then wanting to spend time with your children, you may not be thrilled about needing to also pick up the weekly shop. This can be used as some special time together, and also turned into educational fun. While out, you may want to consider giving your child one or time items on the list that they need to find. For older children, you could also give them some money and tell them to see how many items on the list they can procure. This can go a long way towards teaching your children how to buy groceries, as well as the importance of managing one’s money.


While you may want to be fulfilled within your career, help your children achieve their potential, and keep your home neat and tidy, it is also important to make time for yourself. You may want to consider asking friends or relatives to watch the kids for a while. There is no shame needed for taking a few hours to yourself on occasion to go shopping for things that you want. You could also opt to undertake this with your partner, allowing you both to practice a bit of self-care in the ways you both see fit, which can help to renew your energy and motivation when it comes to returning to work and childcare.

Finding different ways to get different aspects of shopping completed, as well as to look after your own mental health, can help you to become more productive, and reduce some of that daily stress.



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