Simple Solutions – 5 Straightforward Solutions to Common High School Problems



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Ask any high school graduate, and they will tell you that their high school years were some of the most rewarding of their young lives. However, they may also tell you that they were some of the most challenging

From managing social circles to homework and grades, teenagers can find themselves with a lot to navigate. However, some of those issues may be easier to manage than you might think. 


Whether your teen is struggling with a class or wants to reach their full potential, high school tutoring online could be worth their while. One of the biggest stresses in a student’s life is the belief that they are not doing well enough in a class. Sometimes, though, they may not feel they are getting enough out of a class. 

In either situation, tutoring can be the answer. They can catch up, get one-on-one help with subjects, and gain further knowledge to advance their competency. Given that it’s in an online setting, parents also don’t have to worry about taking them to and from tutoring sessions. 


Many people suffer from anxiety throughout their teenage years, and sometimes into their adult life. Learning how to manage this early on is an essential life skill. As a parent or caregiver, you can help by acknowledging their anxiety rather than dismissing it. 

You can also help them set small goals when something makes them anxious and provide gentle encouragement. Love, support, and validation are of great benefit to an anxiety-prone teen. 


Though every school in the United States must have a bullying prevention policy, that doesn’t always stop bullying from happening. Any teen, regardless of their social standing in their school, can be the subject of bullying. 

There are a few steps you can take to manage the problem with your children. First and foremost, be a listening ear. Allow them to vent without taking sides and without judgment. Help your child learn how to react, and if necessary, approach a teacher or staff member for assistance in tactfully managing the situation. 

Social Circles

Teens spend a lot of time figuring out who they are and how to be accepted for who they are. It’s during these years they may also find themselves in cliques and social circles

These friend groups are essential for teaching your teen to be independent and comfortable outside of their family unit. However, they can also be the source of much grief for many teens and their families. 

Parents can help children navigate the complexities of their friendships by offering a non-judgemental space in which they can discuss any issues that are bothering them. Some parents may even be able to help by sharing their own experiences, educating their teen on social dynamics, and encouraging friendships outside of school settings, such as in extra-curricular activities. 

Sleep Habits

Teens need plenty of sleep for their academic achievements, emotional health, physical development, and decision-making abilities. However, an alarming number of US teens aren’t getting enough. 

Several factors contribute to teens not getting enough sleep, but there are things you can do to improve the situation. Create a consistent bedtime routine, avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening, and put away electronic devices before bed. It can also be worth ensuring bedrooms are quiet, dark, and cool. 

As memorable as high school is for teenagers, it can also have its fair share of ups and downs. If your teen faces any of the challenges above, get ready to provide the resources and help they need to ride the rollercoaster safely.




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