Threats to Your Health That Might Exist in Your Home

We all want and expect our homes to be places where we can be happy, relaxed and comfortable. That’s all well and good, but there might also be aspects of your home that are actually doing damage to your health and that might be holding you back in certain ways. That’s obviously not what you want at all. So if you want to start removing those health threats from your home, here’s more about them.

Mold on the Walls

When there’s mold on the walls of your home, even when it doesn’t look like there’s too much of it, you need to take action and get it removed. The mold will release spores into the air, which can then be detrimental to your health when you breathe it in. That’s obviously not what you want, so address mold problems as soon as they arise.

Excessive Dust

Too much dust in the air will also be bad for your health and your lungs in particular. That’s why you should do what you can to keep the dust under control. That means taking the time to do more cleaning and also thinking about how the ducts and air filters in your home are cleaned and replaced. You need to stay on top of all of those things if you want to limit dust in your space.

Mosquitos and Other Bugs

It’s a good idea to think about how pests and insects in your home might be having an impact on your health and your general ability to feel relaxed and comfortable at home. If you have mosquitos taking over your space, for example, it’s a good idea to call mosquito control and have it dealt with. Bugs and insects can be a huge negative for your physical and mental health.

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Unclean Pets

Yes, we all love our pets but they can sometimes be detrimental to our health too when we don’t keep them clean and clean up after them properly. Like it or not, you have to spend more time cleaning your home when you have pets living in them. Some of the bacteria they leave lying around in the home can be quite nasty and can cause illnesses in humans in some cases.

Poor Air Quality

The general quality of the air in your home is definitely one of the things that can impact your health. That’s why it’s something that you need to try and stay on top of. You can improve it in lots of ways, such as by measuring it and using purification methods, and simply by letting in more fresh air more often. It’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

As you can see, there are many potential health threats that might exist in your home, and now is the time to do something about them. If you can address the issues discussed above, you’ll immediately make your home a healthier place and you’ll have less things to worry about in that department.


I'm a mother of 2 who likes to get involved in too much! Besides writing here I started a non-profit, I'm on the PTO board, very active in my community and volunteer in the school. I enjoy music, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family. We just adopted our 3rd cat and love them all!

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Make Sure You Are Ready For An Emergency With These Tips

Let’s face it: a family emergency is something that all of us hope that we’ll never have to encounter. From health problems to house problems, though, we’ve all suffered from emergencies at some point. Here are some tips on how to get your life in order so you’re as prepared for an emergency as you possibly can be.

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Keep Everything Up To Date


First and foremost, it’s vital that you keep everything in your home and in your life as up to date as you can. If your boiler requires annual checks, make sure that you schedule them rigorously. Likewise, you should get your car checked frequently, particularly if it’s an older and more unreliable model. Your own health should be even more of a priority than the material objects in your life. If you don’t feel well, make sure that you go to the doctor, and ensure that you get an annual physical. If you have any health problems, it’s best to treat them as early as possible to have the best possible recovery. Likewise, if any family members don’t feel well, encourage them to get medical treatment as soon as you can. Make sure you know where your nearest 

urgent care center is. 


Have An Escape Planned


There are plenty of emergencies that crop up from health issues to car problems to house things that need to be fixed quickly, but there are other emergencies like fires, floods and earthquakes that might mean you need to leave your home immediately. Make sure that you have your escape planned – you should know a rough area of where your pets sleep at night so you can grab them quickly, and you should ensure that your kids know exactly what to do if they smell smoke or notice something strange in your home. Keep the essentials next to your bed so you can grab them if you need to – you might need your glasses, your medication, your passport, your charged cell phone and a bank card. Even if you lose everything else to a fire or another natural disaster, having those things with you will help you make it through the next couple of days. 


Help Your Kids To Be Independent


Finally, it’s important to raise your kids to be independent and resilient. If you have to be out for the evening, then you want your teenagers to be able to make dinner for themselves – or at the very least to know how to call for pizza! Help your kids to be contributing members of your household by assigning them chores to do so that if they have to take on more responsibility one day because you’re tied up elsewhere, it won’t be too much of a shock to their systems. Teach them how to use your washing machine and dishwasher, and encourage them to learn to drive as early as they can. If your kids are independent, then they’ll be able to help out as much in an emergency as they can.


I'm a mother of 2 who likes to get involved in too much! Besides writing here I started a non-profit, I'm on the PTO board, very active in my community and volunteer in the school. I enjoy music, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family. We just adopted our 3rd cat and love them all!

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How to Ensure Your Family Stays Healthy this New Year


Many people are already feeling the adverse effects of the holiday season, and it’s only just begun. From overeating to stress to lack of sleep, there are many factors that can cause your immune system to weaken. This is for families with children (or even those without) who need to take precautions in order to avoid getting sick this year.


Photo by Monstera from Pexels


#1 Go for the yearly checkup


The first step is to ensure that everyone in your family is up-to-date on their vaccinations and checkups. This will help protect you from many common illnesses going around, and it’s also an excellent way to catch any potential health problems before they become too serious. During a checkup, your medical professional will be able to pick if anyone may have some underlying issue that needs addressing – whether it be testorone replacement therapy for your partner or just an immune booster for one of the kids!


If anyone in your family has allergies or asthma, be sure to stock up on medication and allergy relief remedies. It’s also important to keep an eye on the weather forecast so you can prepare for any extreme changes in temperature that might occur. It’s also a good idea to create a ‘health plan’ for your family – this could include things like exercise routines, stress management techniques, and diet tips. By setting some general guidelines, you’ll make it much easier to maintain your health at its peak.

#2 Focus on nutritious meals


It’s no secret that eating healthy is vital for maintaining your overall health, but it can be challenging to do this when you’re constantly on the go. One way to make sure your family is getting the nutrients they need is by preparing nutritious meals at home. There are many recipes online that are both easy and healthy, so there’s no excuse not to eat well. In addition, try to avoid processed foods as much as possible – these tend to be high in sugar and unhealthy fats. 


Instead, focus on whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and lean protein sources. Another way to improve the nutritional value of your family’s diet is by including probiotics in their daily routine. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help keep your gut healthy, and they can be found in yogurt, kefir, and other fermented foods.

#3 Take an immune booster each day


For those times when your immune system is already weakened, taking an immune booster each day can be a great way to help keep you healthy. These are also known as vitamin supplements or ‘multivitamins .’ They provide essential nutrients that might otherwise be lacking in your diet.


Some of the most popular ingredients found in these supplements include Vitamin C, zinc, echinacea extract, garlic powder, turmeric root extract (curcumin), elderberry juice concentrate, olive leaf extract, oregano oil – amongst others! Of course, it’s important not to rely on them too much – especially if you’re eating well – but for those days where it feels like something is coming on, they can be a great way to help boost your immune system.


In conclusion, there are many things families can do to stay healthy this year. By following these simple tips, you’ll make it easier for everyone in your household to remain healthy and enjoy the New Year!



I'm a mother of 2 who likes to get involved in too much! Besides writing here I started a non-profit, I'm on the PTO board, very active in my community and volunteer in the school. I enjoy music, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family. We just adopted our 3rd cat and love them all!

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How To Ensure Your Family Remain A Positive Bunch For Good 


In life, one of the keys to happiness and good health is a solid mindset. If you think about the positive things in life, then you’re going to be a lot happier through your time on this planet. You can be the sole destroyer of your life if you’re not careful. Sure, external factors can come into play, but the way you think about them can eat you up whole. Your health and your family’s health can go either way depending on the mindsets of you all. 

 The good thing about this type of issue is that you can absolutely train your mind and put yourself in a good place mentally. If you’re a little down or anxious right now, there are exercises you can do. It’s also a case of making sure you have all of the right things around you in order, too. Here are just a few ways you can make everyone a little more positive day-in-day-out: 

 Be A Positive Influence Yourself 

Your behaviour will have such a huge impact on the things they say and do. If they see you with a smile on your face, then they’ll likely follow suit more often than not. If you react to negatives with positives, they’ll see this as the default way to behave. Guess what will happen if you are miserable and negative all of the time! That’s right, they’ll copy that kind of behavior naturally, too. 

 Find The Perfect Home For Everyone  

If you all live in a wonderful environment, the chances are that you’re all going to be happier. Obviously, this isn’t a deal-breaker, but it would have such a big impact. Fortunately, a little research and working with the right real estate firm will allow this to happen. You can find more info online about some of the best firms around. They’ll help find the most suitable thing for you all.  

 Keep Everyone Active And Exercising In One Way Or Another 

If everyone in the family is on their feet more often than not, they’re going to feel a lot better in their minds. Always rushing about isn’t good, but neither is sitting around for too long. If they don’t want to exercise through sports, household jobs can always be done!

 Ensure Everyone Has Good People Around Them Away From You 

Who you spend your time with in life tells you a lot about how things will go. If you have good, positive people around you, then you’re going to feel lifted a lot more. When your kids and your partner are out, make sure they’re with people who make them feel good. This means friendships, school friends, colleagues, and so forth. 

 Educate Them On Common Tasks And Confidence-Building Things 

When kids lack confidence in life, it’s usually down to the fact that they do not have many basic skills. If you can teach them a lot of common sense, then they’ll be a lot more positive about things in life. Domestic chores, shopping, cooking, basic social skills, and these kinds of fundamentals will make life a lot easier for them.


I'm a mother of 2 who likes to get involved in too much! Besides writing here I started a non-profit, I'm on the PTO board, very active in my community and volunteer in the school. I enjoy music, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family. We just adopted our 3rd cat and love them all!

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Taking Care of Your Family’s Health: The Dos and Don’ts


Image Credit

As a family caregiver, it’s your responsibility to ensure that those you care for are living as healthy and happy lives as possible. Fortunately, many resources help you take on this critical role. The following article will provide some of the best ways to look after their health-related needs without sacrificing yours.

Always Honor Your Doctor’s Appointment

Do not skip the appointment unless you need to do so. Make sure that all members of your family receive their yearly checkups, including children and pets. If something unusual pops up during your doctor’s visit, be honest about any symptoms or concerns you might have regarding your health. Your doctor wants to help keep everyone healthy.

Honoring your doctor’s appointment means picking the right time to schedule it. Set aside an hour or two for your checkup so that you do not have to reschedule, which can be very inconvenient. If you are too busy, try to set up your doctor’s visit at the beginning of the day so that it does not get in the way of other things on your schedule.

Don’t Neglect Any Advice or Recommendation

When it comes to taking care of your family’s health, you don’t want to neglect any advice or recommendation. Make sure that you follow all the instructions and guidelines provided by your doctor or other healthcare professionals. This will ensure that everyone in your family gets the best possible care.

If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to talk to your doctor. They can help you figure out what steps you need to take to maintain the health of your loved ones. And if there are any problems, they can help address them as soon as possible. So don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Get Reliable and Friendly Doctors for the Children

When you have children, one of your top priorities becomes making sure they are healthy. That means finding good doctors who will take care of them and help them stay well. But how do you know which doctors to choose?

You can do a few things to make sure you’re picking the right ones. First, ask around for recommendations from friends and family. Chances are, a child has had a great experience with the children’s pediatric dentist or another doctor in your area. You can also check online reviews to get an idea of what others thought of their experience.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, set up appointments so that you can meet the doctors in person. This is an excellent opportunity for your children to meet the doctors, too. If they’re comfortable with the doctor and feel like they can trust them, that’s even better. If your children are old enough to help decide (such as determining which doctor they like best), let them weigh in on their preference.

Listen to Your Kids’ Concerns

Make sure you also listen to any concerns your child might have. For example, if they are not feeling well, then something is wrong with them, so you should take their problems seriously and do what you can to make sure that nothing serious has happened or could happen. 

For example, if your child says that they have a headache, you should take them to the doctor to get it checked out. Of course, you never know when something might be wrong, so always err on the side of caution and make sure that you are doing everything possible to keep your family healthy.

Avoid Self-Medication but Always Consult Further 

It is imperative to prioritize your family’s health above all other activities and tasks you may have, but this does not mean that you can go ahead and start buying different medicines. Although it may be tempting to treat yourself with the medication for a minor ailment without consulting further because of how easy it seems, this can have a few adverse effects on your health.

It is always best to consult with a doctor and get their professional advice on the matter, as they will prescribe you the proper medication or treatment if needed. Additionally, everyone in the household must follow the same guidelines for taking care of themselves.


Now that you know the basics of taking care of your family’s health, it is essential to always remember to put their well-being first. By following the dos and don’ts listed in this post, you can help ensure that they stay healthy and happy.



I'm a mother of 2 who likes to get involved in too much! Besides writing here I started a non-profit, I'm on the PTO board, very active in my community and volunteer in the school. I enjoy music, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family. We just adopted our 3rd cat and love them all!

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