Simple Tricks You Can Use to Decrease Your Chance of Reoccurring UTIs

UTI infections can be both uncomfortable and painful. While antibiotics can effectively clear up an infection, they become less effective the more you use them. If you deal with recurring UTIs, standard antibiotics may no longer be a viable treatment option, in which case you may require long-term, low-dose antibiotics. You can prevent the need for antibiotics entirely by taking simple daily measures to maintain optimal urinary tract health, such as adding a UTI prevention medicine to your daily vitamin regime. Below are a few other ways in which you can keep chronic UTIs at bay.


Stay Hydrated 

The number one way in which you can prevent UTIs is by staying hydrated. UTIs occur when harmful bacteria is given the opportunity to settle into your urinary tract. If you’re well hydrated, you can flush out the bad bacteria before it has a chance to implant itself and wreak havoc. In addition to drinking water, you should also add all-natural cranberry juice and a preventative drink to your diet.


Wash Up Before and After Sex 

Most women know to urinate and wash up after sex to rid the body of foreign and potentially harmful bacteria, but most don’t know to wash up before sex as well. Washing your vaginal region with soap and water before sex can rid the groin of any harmful bacteria that could make its way into the urethra during intercourse.


Wipe From Front To Back  

UTIs are often the result of E. coli bacteria that has spread to the urethra. E. coli often lives in the intestines, which means that when a person defecates, there is a very real chance that the feces will contain the virus. If you wipe from back to front, especially after a bowel movement, you risk spreading E. coli to the urethra. You can eliminate this treat by wiping from front to back instead.


Take UTI Prevention Medicine 

Give yourself an immunity boost and add preventative supplements and medications to your diet. Some such supplements include cranberry pills, probiotics and vitamin C tablets.


If you suffer recurring UTIs, boost your urinary tract health by following the above advice. Contact us to learn more about what you can do to prevent UTIs from complicating your life.





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