Educational Toys From Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug is a well-known toy manufacturing company that specialise in the production of wooden toys. They are also very popular because of the range of educational toys they boast as well.


Educational toys are absolutely crucial when a child is growing up. They are the only way to make learning fun and thus they tend to be the most effective method of getting your child to sit down and learn about new things. This article will reveal some of the top educational toys that Melissa & Doug have available.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Animal Nesting Blocks

There is something about toy blocks which seem to provide young children with endless hours of entertainment. These toy blocks are great in particular because they feature exciting images of a whole host of different animals. The set includes animals from all of the four different animal habitats and thus it aids children’s learning regarding the animal kingdom. The animals you can expect to see in this set range from anything to a little sea horse to a massive elephant.


Melissa & Doug Abacus

For those of you who are unaware an abacus is what is also known as a counting frame. Essentially it is a frame which features rows of wires. Each wire has beads which can be slide across it. This one is beautifully crafted and built out of solid wood. It features ten wires all of which contain colourful beads. The beads used are in five different colours; yellow, green, orange, red and blue. This toy is great for helping with maths and calculation. You can head to for further maths help. But it is also advantageous for the likes of colour recognition and becoming aware of patterns as well.


Melissa & Doug Alphabet Art

This wooden puzzle board is one of the best toys available in stores to help children learn the alphabet. The wooden board features cut out letters. Each letter features a pattern or an image on it which will help the child in question guess what letter it is, for instance ‘I’ features an image of an ice cream.


Melissa & Doug Classic Farm Sound Puzzle

This toy is another way to educate children regarding different animals, in particular farm animals. This wooden board features nine animals which can be taken out as pieces of the puzzle. When the piece of the puzzle is correctly fitted into the right slot the correct animal sound will then begin to play. This is a great way of combining fun and learning.


Melissa & Doug Complete the Picture Pad

A picture pad is one of those toys which are very basic yet extremely effective. Colouring in helps children to unleash their creative side and it also helps them with regards to concentration. This picture pad in particular features twelve different scenes and four copies of each scenes for children to colour in and create their own little masterpiece.



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