4 Tips for Moving Abroad with Your Family

The thought of moving abroad can be exciting, especially if you are going with your loved ones. It is always amazing to visit new places, learn about new cultures and interact with people from different backgrounds. So it’s not surprising that 8.7 million Americans are living abroad. Whatever the reasons, you want to make the relocation a positive experience for your family. Below are some top tips to consider when moving abroad with your family. 

  • Do your homework


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Researching is crucial for moving from your home country to unfamiliar territory. Even for the adventurous family, you can’t skip this step. Learning about employment, education, lifestyle, healthcare, culture, and things to do is advisable. The internet offers many resources to learn almost everything you need about a new country. However, never limit your research to travel websites and brochures, as they will only paint a rosy picture of the destination. If possible, contact other foreigners, ideally those from your own country living there, and ask specific questions.

  • Go on a test trip 

Moving with family can be a rollercoaster. You can never be sure how prepared your family is, especially if you have young kids. It makes sense to take them on holiday to the country you intend to move to. A test trip can be extremely beneficial if you are unfamiliar with the location and uncertain how your family will respond to living there. Even if for a brief time, you can still learn much about what to expect when you move. It is worth mentioning that many people usually focus on the positive aspect of a new area when on vacation. However, the experience could be different when living there permanently. 

  • Consider the housing type

Housing type may vary from country to country. For instance, residential properties in some countries may offer more amenities than others. So before you move, learn about the housing types available in the destination you are moving to. You will also have to consider your lifestyle and how your family will be affected. For example, if your family is accustomed to living in a large house with a garden, they may dislike the idea of living in a flat or apartment when they relocate. Moving to a condominium building with new amenities can be more appealing. Home-hunting can be complicated, especially when you are a foreigner. Fortunately, you can do a few things to make the search easier, including hiring an estate agent. 

  • Make your house a home 

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Most ex-pats may have to wait longer for their belongings to be shipped to their new country. However, you can expect your possessions to be moved faster when using reliable moving services such as North American Van Lines and many others. Until then, you can use the time to relax and explore your new environment. Afterwards, you can focus on making the new house your home and help your family readjust and build positivity and excitement about their new city. 

Amid the chaos of the move, you can restore some normalcy to your life by adhering to traditions and routines from your previous residence. For example, you can have a meal together like a family, share family rituals, and stick to routines that help your family feel more together. 


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