Five Great Movies to Stream with your Family this Summer

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Summer is a time for entertainment and memories, which makes it the best time to delve into the history and culture of cinema. If you are a movie buff and want to introduce your children to the joys of classic cinema, make sure you create a classic watch list to stream this summer.   

The Lion King 

Who could forget The Lion King? If you are of a certain vintage, you might remember seeing the original in the cinema as a child, so why not give the same experience to your kids this summer? The Lion King is a classic tale of wisdom, ambition, betrayal, and consequence. 

The Lion King is a classic Disney movie that has stood the test of time, perhaps because of its classic elements – the plot is loosely based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet – and its timeless characters. If you want a new experience with the movie, you can watch the live-action version.    

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone 

If you are in the mood for some classic children’s cinema this summer, don’t forget about the Harry Potter series, which began in 2001. Harry Potter movies open up the classic debate about which is better, the movie or the books. Either way, the movies are a great way to spend a night.  

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone is the first of several Harry Potter movies to arrive on the big screen, and it’s an excellent movie to kickstart the franchise. One of the great things about watching franchise movies over the summer is the fact you can spread them out over weeks.  

God’s Country Song 

If you are looking for a feel-good drama to enjoy with the family this summer, look no further than God’s Country Song. Noah has grand plans to become the next big country movie star, but when his past catches up to him in the form of a child called JJ, he has tough choices to make. 

 God’s Country Song received positive critical reviews and offers an entertaining and emotional exploration of ambition, responsibility, and dedication. You can watch God’s Country Song the movie, anytime by streaming it online, the perfect way to spend a summer night with the family.  

ET the Extra-Terrestrial 

If there’s one thing you can count on children to adopt, it’s a taste in sci-fi movies. Sci-fi captures the imagination like no other genre and is perfect for the summer season. Forget about watching the latest summer releases in the cinema and stream classic sci-fi at home instead. 

If you have kids, you almost have a responsibility to show them ET, the Extra-Terrestrial – it’s an important element in their cultural education. ET hit the big screen in 1982, and its popularity has never diminished. Of course, the effects have dated, but the timeless story is great as ever.  

Classic Star Wars 

Since you are on a quest for classic sci-fi, you simply cannot ignore the entertainment value and cultural impact of the classic Star Wars movies. Your kids might be more familiar with Rey Skywalker than Luke Skywalker, but there is a cultural education in there not to be missed.     


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