Fruit of the Loom has Kids covered for Back to School


With summer coming to an end, parents have a lot on their mind as they get their kids ready for the first day of school. From packing backpacks full of supplies to finding the perfect first day of school outfit, the last thing they’re worrying about is what they can’t see – underwear.


While underwear can often be the underdog of the school supply list, Fruit of the Loom has kids covered – literally! With a variety of comfortable styles, sizes and designs, as well as three additional undies in each bonus pack, parents can easily and affordably make sure everyone in their family starts their first day with a good foundation.

Check out all of the different styles Fruit of the Loom has to offer!


Girls' Bikinis

Girls' Boy Shorts

Girls' Hipsters

7EL801B - 5+2 Assorted Boxer Brief



Girls’ Bonus Packs

  • Silhouettes: Brief, Hipster, Bikini, Boy Short.
  • $5.86-$5.99/9+3 pack – Brief, Hipster, Bikini $5.86-$5.99/8+3 pack – Boy Short
  • Colors: Assorted colors and patterns
  • Sizes: S-XL
  • Retailer Availability: Target,, Walmart,


Boys’ Bonus Packs

  • Silhouettes: Crew, A-Shirt, Boxer Brief
  •  $5.99/5+3 pack – Crew and A-Shirt, $8.99/5+3 pack-Boxer Brief
  • Colors: Assorted colors and patterns
  • Sizes S-XL
  •  Retailer Availability: Target,, Walmart,


Girls’ 7pk Shortie

  • Silhouettes: Shortie
  •  $8.99/7 pack
  • Colors: Assorted colors and patterns
  • Sizes:  4-14
  • Retailer Availability: K-Mart



 Boys’ 5pk Sport Boxer Brief

  • Silhouettes: Boxer Brief
  • Price: $10.99/5 pack
  • Colors: Assorted colors and patterns
  • Sizes:  S – XL
  • Retailer Availability: Target


Toddler Girls’ Theme Pack Brief

  • Silhouettes: Brief
  • Price: $8.94/7 pack
  • Colors: Assorted Prints – Themed
  •  Sizes: 2T/3T-4T
  • Retailer Availability: Wal-Mart


Toddler Boys 7PK Days of the Week Brief

  • Price: $8.00/7 pack
  • Colors: Assorted Prints
  • Sizes: 2T/3T-4T
  • Retailer Availability: Walmart,




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*I received a product from Fruit of the Loom in exchange for this post. I was not compensated, and I am not affiliated with the company. 


My name is Marijean, I live in Sunny FL with my wonderful husband and 2 children. I love Disney, Coffee and Blogging 🙂

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Skinny & Co. 100% Raw, Pure, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Product Review @skinnyandco



I always hear about the benefits of using Coconut Oil. I have friends that use it to cook with, use for makeup remover, use for deep hair conditioning etc.. I have been wanting to try Coconut Oil for a while and see how it would work for me. I was recently asked to review a line of Coconut Oil products and I must say I was pretty excited to finally give Coconut Oil a try in my life.



Skinny & Co. is the only 100% raw coconut oil in the world. We provide a range of coconut oil-based products that are free from fillers, chemicals, and preservatives. We create high-quality, unique products that are safe for your entire family.
Our belief is that when individuals commit themselves to a healthy lifestyle, they have the energy to live life to the fullest and encourage others to do so as well.


I was able to review a variety of their products in 2 oz size.





– The original raw 100% alkaline coconut oil in the world
– Wild-Harvested, not plantation grown
– Handpicked
– No chemicals, fillers, or preservatives
– Cold-Processed; Not Just Cold Pressed
–  We are a brand that owns and manufactures our coconut oil (we do not buy from contract manufacturers). We are Tree To Table
– Healthy Fat
– Great Full Body Moisturizer
– 100+ Different Ways To Use
How To Use:
– Apply as a moisturizer on hair, face, and skin
– Hair Conditioner
– Add to tea, coffee, or smoothies
– Use in place of butter or conventional oils
100% Raw Coconut Oil
I am really loving this Coconut Oil. I use it as a butter replacement while cooking. I also used it as a deep hair conditioner in my very thick, coarse hair and it really made it smoother and shiny. A little goes a long way! 
– Will not harm enamel on teeth like other acidic coconut oils
– Contains no toxic solvents, chemicals or fillers
– Will not harm fillings or dental work
How To Use:
– Swish one tablespoon for five to twenty minutes.
– Spit in the trash can rinse, then brush teeth as normal.
– Suggested use: two to three times a week
100% Raw Coconut Oil: Read More
Organic Peppermint Essential Oil
Let me say this oil smells WONDERFUL! I am loving the peppermint scent. I have started to use it before I brush my teeth. I swish it around in my mouth for about 5 minutes and then I also brush my teeth with it before I use toothpaste. My mouth has been feeling much cleaner and fresher than just brushing with toothpaste alone. I love that it is non toxic and won’t harm my teeth. 
– 3-in-1 product (Makeup Remover, Cleanser, Moisturizer)
– Top Seller
– Reduces Irritation and Redness
– Makeup Removes, Cleanser, and Moisturizer in one
– pH balanced due to the base of Coconut Oil
How To Use:
– Apply liberally to face and wipe clean with a warm cloth
– Makeup Remover
– For added moisture, apply to any areas that need soothing hydration
– Overnight mask
– Can be used with a cleansing brush for a deep, yet gentle cleanse
– Beard Oil
100% Raw Coconut Oil: Read More
Roman Chamomile
Holy Basil
This is my favorite product out of all of the ones I have reviewed for this post. I have been using this Facial Oil ask a mask at night after I remove my makeup. I leave on for about 30 minutes and then rinse. I have been doing this for 5 days now.  My skin is softer and much smoother. I also have been using a little bit of it to remove my makeup and it comes off easily with a wash cloth. Much better than the makeup removers you buy in the stores. 
– Gentle on skin
– Made with Coconut Sugar
– Edible
– Exfoliant that is gentle on skin
– Coconut Oil moisturizes while scrubbing
– Whipped and lights
How To Use:
– All-over Body Exfoliant
– Prep for self-tanner
– Lip Scrub
– Add to coffee for a sweet alternative to sugar and creamer
100% Raw Coconut Oil: Read More
Coconut Sugar: Natural source of glycol acid, low glycemic
Vanilla Bean: Gentle aroma, contains trace minerals
This Sugar Scrub smells, feels and tastes amazing! It gently exfoliates skin with all natural ingredients. It leaves my skin nice and smooth.  I even put a tiny bit in my coffee since you can add it for an all natural sweetener. Tastes amazing as well! 
– Whipped Texture
– Subtle Rose Scent
– Allergen-Free
– Long Lasting Moisture
– Nourishing to Deeper Layers of Skin
How To Use:
– All over moisturizer
– Add to bath for a nourishing, relaxing experience
– Nourishing Hair Mask
– Under-Eye Moisturizer
100% Raw Coconut Oil
Jojoba Oil
Rose Oil
Vitamin E

This Body Butter is a great moisturizer. I have been adding a drop or two to my bath at night and also put a little bit on when I am in the shower. It is very greasy, I was not expecting that so I have not been using it on my face or outside of the shower or tub.  It has been working great for me in the tub and shower though so no complaints. 

If you have never used Coconut Oil for health and beauty I highly recommend it. I am definitely hooked to these products and I am so glad I was able to try them. They really are amazing!!

Please check out their website to order these amazing products, they are great for gifts as well! 

Use code SKINNYCO15 to get 15% off your purchase at Skinny & Co. Coconut Oil.

Have you tried Coconut Oil? If so what are your favorite ways to use it?

Connect with Skinny & Co. Twitter Facebook Instagram Youtube


*I received these Skinny & Co. products in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own, and I am not affiliated with the company. 


My name is Marijean, I live in Sunny FL with my wonderful husband and 2 children. I love Disney, Coffee and Blogging 🙂

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Label All of Your Back to School Items with Kidecals @kidecals



*This post was written by blog contributor Heather Little.

Back to school with two girls means lots of folders, water bottles, pencil boxes, clothes and even lacrosse sticks to label.  So I was very excited when I found awesome personalized decals at  Touted as “delightfully versatile” and “crazy durable” on the website, Kidecals are a cute and convenient way to label just about anything!   Kidecals labels are not only waterproof, but they are “lifeproof” as well – they can go in the dishwasher, microwave, washing machine and dryer.  The website has over 200 designs to choose from and every design is fully customizable.







The Kidecals website is very easy to navigate, and I was able to personalize labels with my daughters’ favorite colors and designs. I decided on the Value Set and was able to include two different names and designs in multiple sizes.   My order arrived in just a few days, nicely packaged, and ready to use!  My girls had fun applying labels to their school supplies and sports gear, and even PE uniforms and jackets.






From dinosaurs to butterflies to simple shape designs, there is something for everyone of all ages.  And kids aren’t the only ones who misplace things – Kidecals decals are also great for adults for labeling phones and chargers, keys, sunglasses, tablets, and more.  These labels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find a perfect label for everything.  And shipping is always free!

So what would you label with your Kidecals?  Visit and use code summersavings for 15% off your order.

Connect with Kidecals: Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest 

*I received labels from Kidecals in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. 

Heather Little

My name is Heather Little and my husband and I have two sweet girls and one crazy dog. We moved to Florida 6 years ago and have loved every minute of it! I enjoy crafting, good food, shopping, and of course travel!

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