I’m Back From Vacation!!

We got back from our trip on Thursday. We went down to Orlando for a week just to get away. No big parks just some smaller activities and the pool.

I will post about all of our events but he are two pics from Aquatica and Boggy’s Creek Air Boat Ride.



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Three Things A Mom Needs When Vacationing In Benidorm




Benidorm is one of the more popular towns in Alicante, and features everything you need for a perfect family vacation. Benidorm holidays 2014 are all about fun and relaxing beach activities that are backed up by beautiful surroundings. Your kids will enjoy the gorgeous beaches and clear blue water, and you can relax in the evenings at one of the many family-friendly Tapas bars.

However, there are plenty of things to remember when packing for your Benidorm holiday – here are three essentials we recommend.


Although this one’s obvious, it should be at the top of everyone’s list. Children’s skin is delicate and can burn easily, especially if you’re outdoors on the beach all day. Make sure you get a water-resistant, broad spectrum sunscreen for maximum coverage, and remember to reapply frequently. Remember to protect yourself from the sun so as to enjoy a hassle-free beach vacation.

European Plug Adaptor

Essential yet easy to miss off your packing list, a good adaptor is needed to charge your camera to capture those special moments. It will also keep your mobile fully powered for keeping up with news from home, or staying in touch with friends. For those who love to get stuck into a good book on the beach, it will also keep your e-reader charged and ready to go.

Beach Games

What better way to enjoy some quality time with the family than stirring up a little competition! A beach cricket set can provide hours of entertainment for all ages, or why not get some Wacky Splash rackets for some water-based tennis fun? Frisbee is also a classic beach game that takes up very little luggage space, and you can even buy a beach version of Twister. All of these games can be played one-on-one or as a group, ensuring everyone can join in.

These items can help make your holiday in Benidorm that little bit more complete. Start preparing a week or more before you travel, and make a list of items to pack as you think of them. That way you can be sure of a smooth vacation with minimal fuss.


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The Blue Man Group

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My Son’s Homecoming

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