Some Ideas From Better Homes and Gardens

I was reading Better Homes and Gardens at work last week and thought I’d share a few tips and ideas I found.
1. Household products – You can make your own, while keeping harmful chemical out of the environment. A little vinegar and water in a spray bottle works well as a kitchen cleanser. For an inexpensive tub scrub, mix Borax and baking soda in equal amounts, then add a little dishwashing liquid to form a paste. ( to see more form a recent post , go here) (or to see more at Better Homes and Gardens, go here)
2.Your local library – the local library has changed a lot since we were young. Thanks to online catalogs, you can request books, audio books, music, and movies with your computer – all for free or at a low cost. When the materials are ready for pickup, you’ll get a call or email. We did this recently. I wanted to see a Harry Potter movie, we reserved it and about a week later we got a call that it was ready!
3. Food shopping – Grocers know that the more you linger in the store the more likely you will buy more stuff. So it’s always a good idea to shop with a budget and a shopping list. Make sure you have your list and coupons ready so you can go in and get out without overspending.
4. Decorating – Rearrange your furniture. It’s free, so if you don’t like it, simply move it back.
5. Paint – Just a quart of paint can transform your house. It’s amazing what a little bit of paint will do. I think I might paint my front door red. I don’t have money to paint the whole house, but the door would really make a difference.


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