Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Party!

My daughter, Savannah, turned four on the 3rd. We decided to have her birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese this year! We had it over the weekend on the 7th. I was unsure about the time slot I picked, 12:00 noon, but everything turned out awesome! We arrived a few minutes early to meet with our very own hostess. Miriam helped place our pizza and drink orders. She made sure everything was a success! I couldn’t have asked for a better hostess.

The guests started to arrive and I passed out game tokens. All the parents made comments on how fun this party was. Some had never even been before. I was kinda surprised, because my kids love Chuck E. Cheese and I love taking them!

Then the time came for the ticket-blaster!! You go into this “tube” and the tickets blow all around and you try to grab as many as you can. I knew Savannah would not want to go in by herself, so big brother, Hunter, went in with her. She was super shy at first, then got into it. I think having a bunch of guests watching her kinds freaked her out.

Then came time for pizza!! Have you tried their new pizza? It’s super delicious. I heard several parents talking about good the pizza was. My hubby raved and raved about it too!


After everyone ate, the kids played more games and then the “party” started! Chuck E. Cheese hosts several parties at once and they do the “Happy Birthday” part all together, which makes it super fun and noisy!! Before Chuck E. Cheese himself, came out, Savannah and her friends were dancing around and having a great time! I was also surprised she took a picture with him. She does not like Chuck E. Cheese, the mouse usually.

Over all we had a great time, all the guests had a great time and most importantly, Savannah had a great time!

We normally do not do birthday parties outside the house, but I may have to re-think that. I had no mess to clean up afterward and I am thankful for that!!

If interested check out their party packages. There a a few to choose from. We went with the $12.99 per child package that includes pizza, drinks, tokens, balloon, crown and ticket-blaster experience. Some of the other packages include more.






We received some guest passes for pizza, drinks and tokens to help supplement the party package. All opinions are our own. Links are placed for your convenience.


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  1. Looks like fun, I always brought the kids to Chuck E Cheese when they were younger! Fun times.

  2. My son loves Chuck E Cheese!

  3. That looks like so much fun, but I wouldn’t have liked everyone watching me in the ticket thing either, so I can’t even blame her for that!

  4. That looks like so much fun!!

  5. So fun! It looks like everyone had a great time.

  6. It looks really fun, we never went to a party there before.

  7. We’ve always had a great Chuck E Cheese experience, regardless if it’s just for some family fun or for a birthday party 🙂

  8. Looks like lots of fun but that place scares me.

  9. This is where JDaniel want to have his birthday party!

  10. Mary Dailey says

    The birthday girl is adorable!

  11. I personally love our local Chuck E Cheese! Never could figure out why some people have such negative things to say…

  12. How fun!

  13. We’ve had more than our fair share of Birthday parties over the last 11 yrs. Chucky cheese is always a great time.

  14. We used to live close to one, and would take the kids there for their birthdays.

  15. Awww looks like she was having a great time. I remember the ride she is on from when I was growing up (it looked different of course). I always loved that place, though it was called Showbiz when I grew up LOL

  16. Looks like fun! My kids birthdays are in Feb and they really want a chuck e cheese party.

  17. What fun!

  18. Chuck E Cheese is so much fun! I wish there was a closer one that we could go to for parties.

  19. How fun!! I loved Chuck-E Cheese as a kid!

  20. This looks like they had lots of fun!