At what age should you take your child to the dentist?

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I took the day off today, because the little one did not have school. Hunter was off as well, but I didn’t think hubby could handle both home. So I made a dentist appointment with a new dentist for both of the kids. Hunter’s ended up being postponed, I need his previous records. Anyway.. I thought for Savannah, the dentist would just say hi and count her teeth and try to get a quick peek, maybe do extras, but maybe not. I didn’t take her brother until he was 2.5 and only because he got a tooth knocked out!

The dentist wanted to do a complete cleaning on her!! Wanted me to force her down, kicking and screaming and foaming at the mouth! Before the torture started, I said, I think I’ll wait, she’s never going to sit in the chair. Then, they talked me into trying, but after about 2 minutes of the above torture, I got up and left. I walk right out of the office! Didn’t look back.

I don’t know is it too soon to take her to the dentist? She’s only 22 months old.

(of course, now I’ll have to go back to the old dentist)

Does anyone have any advice? Or similar stories?


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  1. Look for a pediatric dentist. I've used one for years and they are fantastic with kids. The well checkups start at age 2 for "cleanings". All three of my kids (ages 19, 17, 5) have no fear of the dentist.


  2. My son's first appt. was somewhere around age two and it was a pediatric dentist. I have read in some parenting magazines to start taking kids when their teeth first come in, just to get them used to it. In my experience pediatric dentists are a bit more expensive than a "regular" one, but my dental insurance still covered it. The nice thing is, the dentist is specially trained to deal with little ones and the offices are often more friendly.

  3. My dentist told us that we should start making check up appointments at age 2. I can't imagine getting my DD (who will be 2 in December) to sit still with her mouth open while they tried to look at things. I can barely get a look in there when she 'brushes' her teeth. And I KNOW she doesn't do the best job. But she refuses to let us brush hers, so its better than nothing.