TwirlyGirl Dress Review

I was asked to review a TwirlyGirl Dress for my daughter. My daughter is six and just about every six-year-old girl loves to twirl in their skirts and dresses. So of course I said, YES! I went on-line to check them out and knew my daughter would love one. My daughter loves wear girls party dresses like these.


The package came and arrived like this. I thought this was a great way to ship the dress and my daughter was super excited about opening dress.

Twirly Girl

Immediately my daughter wanted to try it on. Now this dress is reversible which makes it even more adorable. She had a little difficulty getting on. She’s pro at it now, though. She twirled around the house for hours and really has worn it at least once a week or once a day since we got it. (wink) She is in love with this dress for sure!

girls party dresses

I took her outside a few days later for some twirling photos. Look how happy she is! I tried to get her to wear some shorts under it but she’s strong-willed child. So I had to go through some of the pictures that were not appropriate to show. What little girl wouldn’t love these girls party dresses!

party dresses for girls

Halfway through our “photo shoot” she went inside to reverse the dress. Viola! Another dress! This party dress for girls is so cool because you get two dresses for the price of one!

girls party dress


I love how the there are two layers of fabric. It adds extra bounce and flair while twirling.

Twirly Dress

The dress is easy to care for just wash on gentle on you can throw it in the dryer for a few minutes then hang dry. Or just hang dry. Comes out perfect. The material, which is made from polyester and spandex does not wrinkle which is a huge bonus!! My daughter wears it so much and it’s still holding strong. The dress is made in the USA, another bonus!

The TwirlyGirl Shop has more than just girl party dresses, though. They have tops, bottoms and skirts as well. You can even customize your own dress! If you want to see the TwirlyGirl’s entire collection shop here.

The dress shown above on my daughter is the Reversible Twirly Racer Dress | Sweet Sunshine Soul and it retails for $78.00. Now you may say that’s sounds pricey but if you have a daughter that likes to wear girls party dresses it is totally worth it. She wears it almost every day!! Plus they have so many styles to choose from.

I do have a coupon code to get 15% off your order – FUN49TG. The coupon code expires April 15th so make sure to shop soon. May I say that this would make a wonderful Easter Outfit!!


I may have to get another one for an Easter gift!


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  1. That is so pretty, I always loved twirly dresses for little girls!

  2. That is adorable packaging. I really like the tie-dye pattern, I would wear a dress like that myself!

  3. That’s definitely a little girl’s dream dress style. I remember very well loving to do that as a child!

  4. Now that is adorable!! I never knew their was an original twirl dress! My niece would love one!!

  5. I love this dress! My great niece would love this dress, too!

  6. My daughter would LOVE one of these dresses. So much fun!

  7. I really enjoy seeing my girls in colorful dresses, especially during the spring and summer months! I know they would each adore both of these styles.

  8. My daughter has a dress by them and actually wore it today. Love their fun, quirky styles!

  9. Thank you for the lovely review. Keep Twirling!

  10. What a pretty dress! I used to love twirling in mine, as any girl does. &I love how they packaged it all special!

  11. Wow, what a pretty dress and look at that twirl.