First Broken Bone

Well, he did it! He finally broke something, of course he’s happy about. “My first broken bone.” “Look at my cool cast.”

Hunter broke his big toe at the growth plate and the doctor said he needed a cast to protect it. Good thing because, he acts as if nothings wrong even with the cast on.

Well, here’s a funny story. The day he came home with the cast,(he got the cast a week after he actually broke his toe) he wanted to go around the neighborhood and have people sign it. We have several kids on the street and my husband and I assumed he was asking them. He went door to door asking everyone! The retired couples, the couple whose kids were off to college, the couple with no kids – everyone!!
We laughed and laughed.

He’s such a friendly child. My neighbor tells me he’s going to be mayor one day. Even at the park (we have a park behind our house) he will go up to anyone, whether they’re 2 or 80 and ask them to play ball. And everyone does
does it!!


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  1. We've not yet had any broken bones, but I really think either of the two older boys would be ecstatic at the "cool factor"
    Happy Healing!!!

  2. Stephanie @ Figments says:

    That's very cute.

  3. I broke my wrist, when I was 8 and I hated that cast. It wasn't a cool green color like Hunter's cast. You'll have to save it after it comes off of his leg. No, bad idea. I will probably smell. How long does he have to wear it…..6 weeks?

  4. Seems he makes bad into good! I am following you from MBC…I would love if you could come on over to Walk A Mile!

  5. That is a fantastic cast! They didn't make them like that way back in the day! (not that I ever broke anything…)

    What a great kid. I love that he went door to door asking for people to sign! Hilarious!!

  6. Lucy says:

    That is a cute story. My son is really outgoing like that and it scares me a little. Saw your post on twittermoms here is my link

  7. what a nice post…he's truly a likable fella!

    sorry it took me a while to visit back. thanks for ff. will be linking you back, hope you can also come visit my other blogs and probably link them back too 😉