Can I Have New Sheets, Please?

I’ve had the same two sets of sheets forever. Really it’s been like 9-10 years. Which is fine, I love them! I love the plain white and my soft blue beach scene with palm trees. I mix the two sets together.

But – look at the way the white sheets are unraveling. I’ve already cut the strings before. I even had to cut a long section off the came undone.

I would love to buy the same sheets, but I can’t find them anymore. 🙁   Do you know how much California King Sheets cost? They are pricey!!

So off to shopping, I go once more!

I found this website – They have some really cool sheet sets and modern bedroom furniture. You can even design your own sheets.

I really like the furniture too. I would love to have this set!

While browsing their site, I saw modern baby furniture. What’s that supposed to mean? I thought a crib was crib. Nope – Check this one out!

I think I like the regular cribs better.

Oh how I wish I had seen this a month ago!! My boss bought us new office chairs and I was in charge of buying picking them out. I just went with the local office supply store, but come on don’t these mesh task chairs look nice!!


So back to the sheets – how old are yours?





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  1. I need new California King sheets too. We have sheets ranging from 10 years to brandy new (the new ones I hate!). If you find any great deals share share share!

  2. Mine are about 7 years old for my bed, because we bought the king size bed 7 years ago. I have twin sheets here that have probably been around since i was a kid, lol.

  3. I found some somewhat affordable King sheets at The thread count was lower than low and they were actually a really bad fit. I’ve never had king sheets that were too big to fit snugly. I am hoping to catch some nice sheets on sale — maybe BBB with a 20% off coupon? But yeah, sticker shock on King sheets is a huge draw back. I can see why you held on to yours so long.

  4. Bed Bath and Beyond often has clearance racks throughout the store with random sheet sets at *huge* discounts. They also send out a lot of 20% off coupons, so that can help too. I’m a big fan of cheap, and I got my sheet sets from there. I hope that helps! 🙂

  5. We replace our sheets often so they aren’t very old. Maybe a year at the most.

  6. Our sheet are five years old. We got them as wedding presents!

  7. I have a couple sets that I just love and always reach for them when changing the linens I don’t know what I’ll do when they get thread bare and start falling apart.

  8. Mine are about 12 years old – really need to get some new ones but, like you, I need king size sheets and they are REALLY expensive!

  9. My mil has always bought us our sheets and she likes NICE sheets 🙂 we are lucky 🙂

  10. Our sheets are about 6 years old, and starting to show some wear.

  11. Mine are from my bridal shower- 4 years ago!

  12. I replace my sheet a lot. None of them are more than a year old and I rotate between at least 4 sets. Check Homegoods if you have one. They have some great deals on higher thread count sheets sometimes.