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Monte Carlo is coming out on DVD on October 18th!! I wasn’t able to see it the theaters but am super excited I will be able to watch it now.

Below are other mistaken identity movies for the whole family. There is a giveaway too- see below!

5 Mistaken Identity Films for the Whole Family  


A classically fun tale for the entire family is one of mistaken identity, especially when tons of hijinks and shenanigans ensue after a movie character is thought to be someone different. With the Selena Gomez flick Monte Carlo debuting for home entertainment on Oct. 18, we have compiled a Top 5 list of these kid-friendly stories of twins, lookalikes and doppelgangers.


Selena Gomez stars in Monte Carlo as Grace, a recent college graduate who is ready to live out her idea of a perfect vacation with BFF Emma (Katie Cassidy) to Paris. After several twists and turns, including her unhappy stepsister Meg (Leighton Meester) joining them on the trip, Grace falls into a fairytale of her very own in the French Riviera.


1)    The Parent Trap (1998)

In this remake of the classic Disney film of the 1960s, Lindsay Lohan stars as both Hallie and Annie, identical twin sisters separated after their parents split. Hallie ended up with her father Nick (Dennis Quaid) in the U.S. and Annie grew up in London with mom Elizabeth
(Natasha Richardson). When the two meet at summer camp, they hatch a brilliant scheme to reunite them and their parents by switching places.

Lizzie McGuire Movie

The spin-off feature length film from the Disney Channel original series follows Lizzie McGuire (Hilary Duff) to Rome where she gets mistaken for an international pop star named Isabella Parigi. Isabella is known for her ballads with heartthrob Paulo Valisari (Yani Gellman), and when the two have a big fight, Lizzie is asked to save the day.


Alex Burroughs (Maggie Lawson) wishes she could have a picture perfect life of photo shoots and racks of clothes and Janine Adams (also Lawson) yearns for a little bit of normalcy. When the two run into each other and realize the resemblance, they switch lives. Things get a little complicated when Alex must deal with Janine’s terrible mother Dierdra (Kathie Lee Gifford) and cute fellow model Jason (Justin Timberlake).


4)   She’s the Man

This spin on the Shakespeare tale “Twelfth Night” revolves around Viola (Amanda Bynes) as she takes her brother’s place at school and on the soccer team when he decides to skip out for a couple of weeks. While at the boarding school and posing as her brother, she falls for one of his soccer teammates Duke (Channing Tatum). In the meantime, Duke has a crush on Olivia (Laura Ramsey) who in turn likes Sebastian (James Kirk).


5)    Monte Carlo


While on vacation with her BFF and stepsister, Grace (Selena Gomez) is mis-identified as British heiress Cordelia Winthrop Scott who is in Monte Carlo for several important appearances. These events are leading up to a huge auction raising money for charity that the spoiled Cordelia must be at, even if Grace must pose as her for the show to go on.


On to the Giveaway!!

One Mommy Has to Work reader will not only get a DVD of Monte Carlo, but they will also get a Monte Carlo purse hook! These are great to keep purses off the floor.

See rules below.


I will receive a copy of the DVD in exchange for this post. Opinions are my own.




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  1. I have seen The Parent Trap when it came out years ago and liked it! As for the other movies, I haven’t seen them.

  2. Belinda McNabb says

    I have seen all of these movies except for monte carlo. My favourite is She’s The Man


  3. the lizzie mcquire movie was adorable! thanks!

  4. Robin Quick says

    Ive seen Shes the Man. I think it was hilariously funny. Amanda Bynes does a great job when shes dressed up & playing the male role. This movie is also one of the first times I remember seeing Channing Tatum. He is so handsome! lol

    mnrquick at yahoo dot com

  5. I’ve seen The Parent Trap…very cute!

    My girls would love this DVD

  6. Cheryl Abdelnour says

    I loved the Parent Trap. It’s soooo good!

  7. I have only seen The Parent Trap but would love to see the rest of them with my daughter!

  8. Aletha Scott says

    Looks like a good one!

  9. I haven’t seen Model Behavior or Monte Carlo. I enjoyed She’s the Man and Parent Trap.

  10. Jennie Swencki says

    I saw the Parent Trap,it was cute

  11. I have seen the Parent Trap but She the man looks good.

  12. The only one I’ve seen is Parent Trap.

  13. amy hollingsworth says

    I’ve seen The Parent Trap

  14. janell wagner says

    Ive seen parent trap. I had seen the original with haley mills, this was a good remake

  15. I’ve seen all of them.. I’m really impressed someone dug up the Disney Channel original movie Model Behavior. I used to rent that on VHS after it aired 🙂 My favorite is She’s the Man!

  16. I have seen all of the except Model Behavior and Monte Carlo. My favorite movie of the ones I saw is Lizzie McGuire.

  17. Have not seen any, so this would be great to win !

  18. My favorite is the parent trap

  19. Natalie A. says

    I liked She’s the Man and Parent Trap! Thanks for the chance to win!

  20. I have seen all of these movies except for model behavior. I loved monte carlo and she’s the man and parent trap are, to me classics. I am never sick of them.

  21. We’ve seen all of them excpet Model Behavior. My daughters’ all time favorite movie is still She’s the Man. They watch it every time they have a sleep over. So disappinted Amanda Bynes doesn’t do as much acting as she used to. We love her.

  22. The only one I have seen is The Parent Trap.

  23. oh my god i loved shes the man! parent trap was good too

  24. I’ve seen them all, except Monte Carlo. I think my favorite is Parent Trap

  25. Parent Trap is my favorite as that is the only one I have seen..LOL

  26. I have not seen any of them. I am sad !

  27. Kimberly Schotz says

    Parent Trap is a family favorite here.

  28. TaYCIE sCHMIDT says

    Parent Trap and Shes the man.. I like Shes the Man

  29. I saw the Parent Trap and loved it!

  30. I haven’t seen any of them.
    Monte Carlo.