Tungsten Rings

I’ve been reading a lot lately about black Tungsten rings for men. Most of the stories involve men losing their wedding bands.

While my husband hasn’t lost his, yet, he has had to have it cut off. He was a firefighter and was injured on the job. I was workng at a plastic surgeons office, who was also a hand specialist. When my husband called and said he had to see the doctor right way, I was kinda freaked out! My husband always took of his ring at the start of his shift, but this day he forgot. While on a call, they were cutting a person out of a car and the ring got stuck in a piece of metal and he dislocated his finger. Then the finger swelled and the ring had to come off.


We did have it put back together – his ring  – and he’s had ever since. Well  – until I decided I wanted new wedding bands…


So – back to the stories. I was curious about the Tungsten wedding band and had to check them out. I love these rings. Maybe in another 10-15 years I’ll change the bands again, maybe not….

Want to see? – check out Men’s Tungsten online.


Have you or your “other” ever lost their wedding bands?


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  1. My husband won’t wear his band because he had an accident of getting it caught and hurting himself when he was hunting. He could also get hurt at work wearing his band. I also took my rings off when I had my last surgery and haven’t wore one since.