Cool Green Gifts Under $20

I have a few of these and they are awesome!!

EcoJot notebooks are all the rage, with wildly original patterns printed with veggie based inks on 100% postindustrial waste. $8.05-$11.95 at

How pretty!!

Made by Jim Clift Design, these tiny leaf earrings are lighthearted, lightweight and in limited supply. All proceeds benefit the African Wildlife Foundation. $10 at

What a unique gift – cool!

Powered by water, not batteries, this energy-friendly clock is the greenest way to tell time. $16 at

I love paper and love Ellie Pooh Paper!! It’s textured, in a cool way and I love how it’s made.

Mr. Ellie Pooh makes paper from 75% Sri Lankan elephant dung. Really. Stationery comes in reusable hand-made baskets … and, no, it doesn’t smell. $10 or three for $25 at

Peppermint and vanilla sounds soooo nice!!

Made from 100% eco-soy wax and infused with essential oils of savory peppermint and vanilla, this candle holds a sensational and sustainable scent. $20 at Hollybeth.

What a cutie!!

Raise awareness about one of the rarest, smallest – and cutest – primates in the world with this organic cotton stuffed hairy-eared dwarf lemur. $16.99 at

Everyone needs an umbrella, right?

Totes Recycled Plastic Eco Umbrella is made from bamboo shaft and recycled plastic. $17.99

And, uh who doesn’t love chocolate?

Available in 70% Dark and Milk Chocolate, these delicious organic chocolates come wrapped in an elegant bag — perfect stuffing for any stocking. $4.99 a bag at



All pictures and info recieved from The Daily Green.


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  1. That peppermint and vanilla candle sounds really nice!

  2. The leaf earrings are really cute!

  3. love the earrings and the umbrella perfect for green gifts

  4. Great gift Ideas and being Green at the same time!

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  6. That Ellie Pooh paper is adorable!

  7. Those are some great green gift ideas!

  8. Love the earrings!

  9. I think my son received that same stuffed dwarf lemur in a package awhile back. It is adorable! 🙂

  10. that lemur is too cute!

  11. love me some green & blacks 🙂

  12. The earrings are so pretty!

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