Eco – Friendly Bags and Purses – Holiday Gift Guide

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Check out the latest from  The Ultimate Green Store Women’s Bags collection! Looking for a unique bag that’s eco-friendly too? Check these favorites out.

This Recycled Rice Sack Cinchy Tote Bag in Jasmine is beautiful! It made by Rebagz and retail for $69.00. It’s made from recycled rice sacks that already have colorful graphics already printed on the material. You could use this bag for just about anything – shopping bag, briefcase, gym bag or a handbag.

These tote bags are perfect as a handbag, carry-on, shopping bag, gym bag or briefcase!



I love the color of this one! The Recycled Tap on the Shoulder Bag in Honeysuckle Radiant from Rebagz, retails for $88.00. It’s made from recycled PET plastic, and recycled paper. Graphics are already printed on the material. These cute bags come in a variety of colors!

My girlfriend at work will love this one! The Recycled Rice Sack Messenger Bag in Stallion, again from  from Rebagz, retails for $55.00.These bags are made form recycled rice sacks with the images already on them. These would be great for backpacks, briefcase, totes, or just about anything. There are many images to choose from.



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  1. I love the Rebagz one!

  2. These bags are so cute!

  3. Those bags are so cute! My teenage daughter would love them!

  4. I love the bags, I am thinking of getting my daughter a new one for the holiday season.

  5. I sure wouldn’t have thought recycled could be so cute! Love them!

  6. I love those, super cute!

  7. These bags are so cute!

  8. Love the yellow bag on top!

    I found & followed you via the Monkey Do Monday Blog Hop.


  9. I love the Jasmine Tote!

  10. These are great & would be perfect when you I need just a few things from the store

  11. I have been obsessed with yellow lately so I love the first one!

  12. How incredibly cute are those!

  13. I know someone that HORSE purse would be perfect for

  14. They are cute.

  15. The bags are adorable and I love how eco friendly they are.

  16. Really cute bags!

  17. Maryann D. says

    These bags are so colorful and pretty and great to know they are from recycled products. The styles and varieties are wonderful.

  18. Loving those bags!!