Do You TreeCycle?


We always get a real tree and as much as I would love to get a “live” tree and plant it. I don’t think they would grow that good in South Florida.

However, we always recycle our tree. Thankfully our town has a vegetation truck that comes by on Thursdays and picks up any greens to recycle. Plus I have seen them give a way free mulch in exchange for a tree.

So we dragged our tree out tonight for the garbage man, well the recycle man! I ran out this morning and got him in action

I found this information on Earth911.

Treecycling is the simple act of recycling your Christmas tree, rather than throwing it away, at the end of the season. By doing so, you extend your Christmas tree’s usability by allowing it to be turned into something else.

Recycled trees are most commonly used for mulch, erosion protection, habitat creation and shoreline stabilization. However, the possibilities don’t end there. Every year communities across the country are finding new ways to use treecycling for private projects, as well.

In addition to the directory, the Treecycle Program has partnered with major retailers such as Walmart and Home Depot as well as many tree farms that support sustainable practices that make their trees environmentally friendly.


Thats’a awesome! You can take your tree to Walmart or Home Depot and they will treecycle for you!


So, do you treecycle?





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  1. We have never had a read tree. To much work to keep up on watering it.

  2. I never knew you could have them recycle it! Next year we might get a real tree so this is a great idea since we’re also in Florida (Orlando!)

  3. When I was growing up, we always burned ours in the fireplace.

    Now, there are ten lodgepole and Ponderosa pine that surround my house. I just decorate them…

  4. We use an artificial tree because of my allergies. But if we used a real one, I would definitely tree cycle. I love that your neighborhood offers the vegetation truck routinely, we have to pay to have our yard waste removed.

  5. We have an artificial tree so we don’t have to worry about that 😉

  6. Using a fake tree is a form of treecycling, right?

  7. I usually would, but since hubby and I live together we have a fake one 🙂

  8. We would, but we have an artificial.

  9. Very cool – I had no idea that you could bring them to WalMart to recycle.

  10. I have never had a real tree, but I’d recycle it if I did.

  11. I love Earth 911, I have mine outside right now and am hoping to have a lot of nests this spring. Then in the spring I recycle right into the garden and we use the wood for fires.

  12. This is a great idea, we usually just drag ours to the curb.

  13. Growing up we always had a real tree and my parents recycled it even then. Now we use a fake tree to avoid having to cut a tree down all together.

  14. We have a fake tree now, but if we had a real one we would!