Get Your Skin Ready for Spring!

I was checking out and came across a great article about your skin. There are many great articles, check them out!

We just moved 5 hours north and I never would have thought it would affect my skin. But the weather is a bit different here. I’m closer to the beach and it’s colder then I’m use to!

So what do you need to do? Check out the details for Spring Spruce up for Skin.

Basically, you want to run a loofah over your body before you get in the shower. Then during the shower, apply an exfoliating cleanser to your body. After the shower always use a lotion to your skin.


I just went to the derm and she mentioned how dry my skin is… I guess I need to get started.





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  1. I have horribly dry skin as well

  2. I’m prone to dry skin… right now I’m like a crocodile. ugh!

  3. I get really dry skin in the winter.

  4. my skin is horrible. No matter what I do it never seems to absorb moisture 🙁

  5. Nice, our weather is warm all of a sudden and I have been trying a lot of new lotions for my skin!

  6. My skin does so much better in higher humidity!

  7. my skin is terribly dry I need lotion

  8. My poor skin is dry year round.

  9. My skin gets really dry in winter but more toward the oily side in summer b/c we are always beachin’ it up I guess 🙂