Spiders and Playhouses, Yuck!


When my son was little, we had a hand me down swing set and it did the job for a while. Then the hurricanes came and kinda finished it off for us. We talked about getting another one, one with a playhouse on top. But we procrastinated  and then he got too big.

Then Savannah came along and we looked at the  outdoor playhouses and talked about getting one. Unfortunately, my husband stopped working when she was one and we couldn’t afford one.

However we did get a “free” one from a  friend. You should have seen her face when she first saw it! It was just a playhouse, no swing set. We sat it right out in front of our house, put some kitchen toys in there and for about a month, she had a great time!

Then the spiders came to visit…..

I don’t know about you, but I don’t do spiders. She didn’t see the webs for a while, then she wouldn’t go in. We had this big tree that housed many of them and they were always coming down to visit. We ended out selling the playhouse at a yard sale. She just never went in it anymore.


Do you have one? Do spiders come to visit?






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  1. I’m paranoid about bugs in toys too so I never left anything outside. We had a huge basement so they played there, but they just used the swingset outdoors.

  2. We have a teeeeny tiiiiny yard so we keep all the stuff inside!

  3. We always have a ton of spiders around here I swear our town was built on a spider web ewww

  4. My boys like spiders all too much for my taste, I usually tell them to go smoosh them lol

  5. I like spiders, so they can certainly visit while we play (though we don’t have a playhouse yet)

  6. I don’t do spiders either!!

  7. I don’t like spiders!!

  8. Arghh I hate anything that crawls that isn’t a baby 😉

  9. Oh I hate spiders. We used to have them so bad I woul dhave to shake my clothes before I put them on.

  10. ughhh I cannot stand bugs either so all our play stuff in on our back screened in patio.

  11. Yikes!! I do not do spiders either!

  12. spiders don’t bother me, but yes they are always around my daughter’s play house too!

  13. When we had one in the past the spiders loved it. I’d spray it out with a house every oncein a while and it fixed the problem. Such fun!

  14. Spiders are very creepy.

  15. I don’t mind spiders when they are outside. We do not have a play house but we do have a picnic table that spiders gather at. I usually grab the hose weekly and clean it off.

  16. I don’t do spiders!

  17. We don’t have a playhouse but when I was little I had a plastic slide/swingset and it got totally overtaken with ants one summer. It was so gross!

  18. I don’t mind spiders. It’s funny, but my husband doesn’t. 🙂

  19. Ugh, I hate spiders.

  20. We don’t have one, but we do have spiders! She’s like a little Miss Muffet!

  21. We have never had one, but I know if we did my boys would never have gone back in if they had ever seen a spider inside.

  22. I hate spiders. We have alot of them here in the country.

  23. We hate spiders here. We live in the country though so we have to get used to them. It sucks!