Costumes Are So Much Fun!

Dress up is a big hit in our house these days. Savannah is the perfect age for dress up! Her favorites right now are Ariela and a witch.

A really great way to get children’s outfits for dress up is to buy them right after Halloween. I bought a really nice black velvety witch dress after Halloween for 50% off and held for Christmas. Savannah loved it! I also bought an Ariel wig and white gloves to add as presents.


Did you see out super hero party theme we did for Halloween? We went to Sea World’s Halloween party and we all dress up as Superheroes. I thought everyone would be dressed up, but mostly it was just the kids. However, then we went to Disney’s Halloween Party. There just about everyone was dressed up. We went as pirates this time. It was so much fun! We really had a great time dressing in a theme. While at Disney, we saw some great costumes! Makes me want to go back this year!


Have you and your family ever dressed in a theme?




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  1. So cute! My kiddos love dressing up.

  2. Love it! We have all dressed up as pirates before for the the Pirate and Princess party at Disney World.

  3. So cute. Costumes are so fun!

  4. We were all superheroes last Halloween! My husband was Batman, I was Robin, My oldest was Wonder Woman, my middle was Spidergirl and my son was Superman. It was AWESOME!!

  5. She is a great Ariel! Love the family costumes too!! Way cute!

  6. So cute!

  7. Love your little mermaid

  8. What a cute little mermaid!

  9. Don’t think we ever dressed in a theme before, everyone looks cute!

  10. We did themed shirts when we went to Disney, but we have never done themed costumes

  11. Oooh I cannot wait for my little one to go out on Halloween 🙂

  12. Cute!

  13. How cute!

  14. Dress up is so much fun, I loved it when I was a child

  15. Playing dress up is so fun!

  16. Yes, we dressed up as “The Incredibles” cartoon family.