Splashing in the Water w/w

Okay, don’t hate me. I’m posting more beach pictures. Savannah and I spent about an hour at the beach collecting some shells and splashing in the water. I love living near the beach!!


Yikes! The water got me!

A meeting of the birds….

Isn’t it beautiful?


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  1. So fun! Love her face in the second pic!

  2. Yes, it is beautiful!

  3. So jealous that you live so close to the beach!

  4. So beautiful! I miss the beach. Glad I’m visiting the beach in a few weeks.

  5. SO pretty! You are going to have so much fun living that close!

  6. She is adorable!!

  7. It’s been super warm here but definitely no beaches.

  8. No beaches here…it’s so sad :(! Looks like heaven!

  9. I’m also very close to the beach. Great pictures. Love the ocean so much.

  10. How cool to live so close to the beach! It looks like a beautiful day!

  11. We don’t have many beaches within an hours drive, I wish we lived on the coast! Looks great!

  12. Love her expression in the 2nd picture.. it must be great to be at the beach. The weather has been bad here so we haven’t been to the beach in weeks.

  13. I always take a million photos when I am at the beach. Even though I am there all of the time. LOL It never gets old!

  14. No hating! You should enjoy it whenever you can. 🙂

  15. I love the beach too.

  16. I want to be there :). I hope you all got lots of great seashells.

  17. LOVE the expression you caught in the second shot!!

  18. Great pictures and THANKS for rubbing it in. LOL

    Happy WW!

  19. I LOVE the beach! Wish we lived closer to one 🙂 Lucky you.

  20. It looks wonderful. Thankfully our beach trip is scheduled for July so I’m not TOO jealous.

  21. Makes me want to visit the beach!

  22. Looks like she was having a ball! Lucky girl!

  23. how fun! If I lived that close to water I’d be there all the time too!

  24. My dream would be to live on or near the beach some day. 🙂 What great pics!

  25. I would love to live close to the beach!

  26. So fun! Looks like a blast.

  27. She looks like she is having so much fun!! So fun!

  28. It looks like you are having a wonderful time at your new beach!

  29. It is so beautiful!

  30. Can’t wait to get to the beach soon.

  31. She’s adorable! Evan is all about his “seashell collection” lately! 🙂

  32. looks like a great day! A beach day is definitely needed for my family

  33. *Sigh* It makes me miss the beach.

  34. We would be doing the same thing! Great pics!

  35. I wish we lived near the beach! Sounds like a great way to kill an hour! Love the pictures!

  36. Love these pictures and she looks like she’s just having the best time.

  37. I would love to live near the beach!!

  38. What a cutie!

  39. I won’t hate you for beach pictures, just drool over the looks of that water! Can not wait for beach weather!

  40. Sh elooks like she is having a blast 🙂

  41. Those photos are pretty and make me wish for warmer weather. Someday I’d like to visit a beach.