Green Carpet Cleaning

Going green used to be tough. Trying to find green cleaners and materials was not as easy as it is today. You can find green cleaners at any local grocery store, Target or Walmart. Most of the cleaning products we use are eco-friendly.

But what about carpet cleaning? I can just imagine the chemicals used in carpet cleaning! I found a company that offers green carpet cleaning by cleaning your carpet using natural and organic products.  The company, Green Choice has been in the industry for over 20 years. They believe that a safe green cleaning is no longer a premium service, but a right that all of their customers deserve to enjoy.

Some products that are found in everyday carpet cleaners:

  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS): A skin and eye irritant.
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES): Created as a non-irritating replacement to SLS, SLES was quickly classified as a carcinogen by the EPA.  In fact, according to the EPA, SLES causes an increased incidence of cancer in controlled animal studies.
  • Perfluorooctanesulfonic Acid (PFOS): a toxic ingredient commonly found in carpet cleaning products such as Scotchgard.  PFOS was outlawed by the EPA in May 2000, but was replaced by Perfluorobutanesulfonic Acid (PFBS), a precursor to PFOS that is still commonly found in cleaning products to this day

Having young kids at home and two cats I do not want these kind of chemicals in my home. That is if I can help it. Now I know I can!

After checking out the Green Choice website, my only complaint is that there are not enough locations. The nearest one to me is 6 hours away. Hopefully more locations will pop up!





This post brought to you by Green Choice.




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  1. I’ve been transitioning over to Eco-friendly products as well. Great info here.

  2. We used a green carpet cleaner when we moved in to our new place.

  3. I love that people are taking a look at what we’re dousing ourselves and our homes in. If I still had carpet I’d be using a green cleaner. Thanks for spreading the word!

  4. Great, I now have only a small amount of carpet so have transitioned to greener cleaners, thank you!

  5. What a brilliant idea! I hate exposing my family to so many unnecessary chemicals.

  6. I had no idea what great information especially since my son has sensitive skin I tend to rinse the carpet 3x’s Going green would be the answering.

  7. I hate the smell of chemicals and it really messes with my eyes and nose. This is a great idea.

  8. I have my own steam cleaner but I never thought to look for green cleaning solution, I need to find one!

  9. I wish there was a company around here that used green cleaning methods.

  10. Oh, I will have to look to see if they have one here – we need a good carpet cleaning!

  11. I normally buy the chemicals that are safe for the environment but never thought about getting them for our carpet cleaner.

  12. I don’t have carpet but I have using chemicals. For our wood floors I just use vinegar and water 🙂

  13. This sounds like a service I need. I’ll have to see if they have a location close to me.

  14. I need a service like this! I love green and eco-friendly.

  15. I think it’s great they are offering these eco-friendly alternatives.

  16. I like that there are safer and eco-friendly alternatives out there. I have bad allergies, so I have to be selective about what I use in my home.

  17. Eco-friendly carpet cleaning is a rising trend or alternative to traditional carpet cleaning. This is a wonderful alternative for the environment as well as benefits those with allergies. I’m sure this will become a standard option in the near future.

  18. I’m so glad that there is now an eco option for carpeting cleaning. I’m so sensitive to chemicals and fake fragrances that this is a must have in my home.

  19. Good info. Thanks for sharing.

  20. I try to use green products for cleaning. My kids have a lot of allergies, and it’s a lot easier on them when I go green.

  21. I always use the green products for cleaning. These products are very helpful with cleaning, which gives a healthy and Eco friendly environment. Thanks for a great post!

  22. Nice information you share with us but I have used Kennedy Carpet Cleaner. It provides an eco friendly and better cleaning services. After make use of expansion in cleaning detergents, Kennedy’s is now able to recommend more options for Upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning.

  23. I would love to be greener when it comes to cleaning my house. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Great article! The service I use to clean my carpets is a green company. I just feel better when things are safer for my children and dogs!