Hilarious Christmas Outfits For Cats


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We all have to wear ridiculous things come Christmas day. There will always be a novelty sweater, a festive jumper, or a santa hat for you to begrudgingly wear. Most of us treat our pets as an extension of our family, and so why not torment them too? Your cat can wear horrendous outfits as well! It wouldn’t be Christmas without some really atrocious clothing.


Santa Paws Dress With Hat 

This is the pet version of sexy santa. Although you won’t see any heels or suspenders included in this package, what you do get is a little santa hat which matches a festive dress, complete with a bow framed in diamante. We all love that element of glitz; especially at Christmas. Your cat can be the belle of the ball in this cute, red dress. Don’t worry; it comes with a harness so your pet can’t desperately pull it off once it’s on. Soz, pussycat.


Reindeer Hoodie

You can find a whole wardrobe of clothes at Pets at Home – remember: just because a shop doesn’t do any kitty clothing, it doesn’t mean that it won’t fit your cat. So, don’t be afraid to buy any puppy outfits which tickle your fancy. If you want to go for a more casual look this festive season, you can buy your cat a reindeer hoodie, and if you want to torment your pet further, you could always just attach a reindeer headband to their head and call them ‘Blitzen’ all day. This idea will become more appealing after a few sherries.


Sugar and Spice Dress 

With all the nosh we consume on Christmas Day, it’s amazing that we’d find food-themed clothes exciting. Well, for all those out there who look forward every year to throwing their diet plan out of the window, you can dress your pet in one of these gingerbead dresses with a tartan skirt. They are sure to look like an extra out of How The Grinch Stole Christmas.


Santa Paws Coat 

If the Santa Paws dress wasn’t quite Christmassy enough for you, the Santa Paws Coat, with its matching, jolly belt and hat, is sure to make you feel festive. Hey, it’s cold! And your kitty has to keep warm. Why not dress them up as a feline St Nick?


Snowflake Charm 

Some cats will really do anything to avoid getting dressed up this Christmas. If you really can’t keep up with them, as they shoot off towards the cat flap, opt for a nice snowflake charm to hang from their collar. Not only is this a bit less OTT than a full-on outfit, but it adds a nice holiday element to their name tag.


Christmas Booties 

Little santa booties are just what your cat needs, so they slide over the laminate flooring. They’re also a tactical addition to one of the above outfits, to avoid getting clawed in the face. These booties are probably not on your cat’s Christmas list this year, but they will certainly be on yours.


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  1. LOL! That’s hilarious.

  2. seriously, hilarious!! I LOVE cats but my husband is allergic but if we had one I would definitely dress it up

  3. OMG. My husband would just die if we did that to an animal. He goes crazy when people dress up their pets. Too funny.

  4. Tami Vollenweider says:

    These are so cute! Love the Love the Santa Paws Coat

  5. i love them!!

  6. Both my parents and my sister and brother in law own cats. I doubt any of them would be cool with being dressed up though.

  7. I can’t imagine a cat letting you put an outfit on him/her. But this is hilarious and so cute!

  8. Oh the first one is cute.

  9. Oh my lol

  10. These are cracking me up.