Shop Smart and Save Money


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here!

I’m not sure if I will venture out on Friday. I do not have to work as in years before, but I know how crowded the stores will be. I’m not a fan of waiting in line. Plus, you ever get all dressed in your warm clothes and go into the stores and it’s so HOT in there? Why do they turn on the heat? Or is it just that there are so many people in line?

We are downgrading our Christmas this year, but there are a few things I need to get. However, I think I will buy them on line. So…Cyber Monday may be for me!

A lot of you shop on line, but don’t forget to look for discount vouchers from or other coupon sites  before you start shopping!!

You can even go through the  Swagbucks site for extra Swagbucks or Upromise has a site as well that will earn you money. One I use sometimes, when I remember, is My Points. They will give you 1% or 2% back.

Since you are shopping anyway, you might as well get some money back and save all you can. It’s there for the taking!


Do you have a favorite site to go through when you shop?





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  1. love swagbucks!

  2. I love swagbucks, too!

  3. I haven’t used the swagbucks site in so long. I never found it to be beneficial :/