Metamorphic Toys – Holiday Gift Guide

I love highlighting green products. This time of year, why not green toys? Metamorphic Toys has some really cool toys, perfect for active, imaginative children.


You know how kids love to play in the boxes that toys come in instead of the toys? Well, mine loved to play in boxes. What a great green toy!

Well Metamorphic Toys want kids to play the eco-friendly way too! They have earned numerous awards from experts for innovation, quality, educational value, creativity and environmental responsibility.

We received one of Metamorphic Toys, The Maillbox & Eco-Art U-Stick’ems Kit. What a great project! It’s an art project and toy all in one!

It was easy to put together for me. SavThe Stickers are not really stickers. They look like them, but require glue to adhere to the box. This way stickers are not wasted. The stickers are also all black and white. So this requires the children to color them.



Here is the finished product…..


Okay, so my daughter lacks a great artistic ability. But she had fun and it can be an on going project….

But she does have fun putting “mail” in her mailbox!!

This is a made in the USA product and all materials are made from recycled materials and are recyclable and biodegradable.

Metamorphic Toys are available for purchase on

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We received the above product for review. Opinion are my own.


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