First Soccer Game (Wordless Wednesday)


My daughter started soccer on Saturday. She had so much fun!

051 She is number 20.




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  1. Nice! We have our first outdoor game this Sat.

  2. Soccer is SO MUCH FUN! Go #20!! I hope she has a great season!

  3. My girls play soccer and love it! I love the photo of her in the air.

  4. how fun! I think my daughter will start next summer.

  5. It looks like she is having fun. I used to like playing soccer when I was young.

  6. So cute! My son played soccer and it was so much fun.

  7. Just in time for the nice weather for spectators too!

  8. Fun moment for sure!

  9. That’s awesome! My three year old has been in a soccer class for the last few months but just decided to switch to something else for awhile. He was pretty good at soccer though {for a 3 year old} so I’m hoping he goes back to it!

  10. Looks like you had great weather for it!

  11. Gooo 20! I miss playing soccer! It’s a great sport.

  12. Is this the first sport she’s done? Evan has played baseball for a few years, but I’m thinking about doing soccer in the fall!

  13. Very awesome for her!

  14. I love sports! Go #20! I cannot wait for my sons showing some enthusiasm (sp?) in sports..

  15. Carolyn G says:

    Look at her go!

  16. My daughter played soccer for one season, it’s such a great sport!

  17. Soccer is such wonderful exercise for children.

  18. So cute, I love the action shots! I have been debating on soccer for my daughter.

  19. How fun and what a great way to stay active!

  20. I wish our weather was nice enough to play soccer outside – 5 to 10 inches of snow is still expected by tomorrow morning. Oy!

  21. Yay for outdoor games!

  22. From the pictures she looks like a natural!

  23. My youngest tried soccer a year or two ago. I was so excited he was finally up for a team sport. We lasted two sessions. “That’s not the kind of soccer I thought it was going to be. Too much running around.”

  24. I love soccer and it’s great that your daughter plays. I bet she enjoyed being on the field

  25. She looks like a natural! I’m hoping to get my daughter involved in soccer soon too!

  26. She looks like she really likes soccer!

  27. Let the soccer games begin.

  28. My oldest son isn’t very athletic, but soccer is the one sport that he loves.

  29. What fun! Hoping dottie will start over the summer.

  30. Aww — she looks so cute out there!

  31. Great pics! My son did soccer for 3 years when he was 4, 5, and 6, he enjoyed it, but he doesn’t have a competitive bone in his body when it comes to sports…

  32. Oh how fuN! My lil guy plays t-ball and loves it.

  33. Looks like she enjoys it! My girls liked picking berries from the trees instead. oops.

  34. We just finished our soccer season.

  35. Aww we just started our spring season too

  36. How fun. That’s great for her!