Fun Ideas to Help Your Child Love Bathtime

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While bathtime can be fun for kids, often a bath is seen as an interruption in the activities already underway. As well, brushing teeth, flossing, washing hair, going to the potty and other bathroom activities may not be high on your child’s list of favorite activities. However, there are ways to create a bathroom space your child will love. As a bonus, this can make bathtime a fun time your child looks forward to. Learn from interior designers and other parents how to create a bathroom space that is engaging and fun for children of all ages.

Safe Bathrooms Are Fun Bathrooms

One issue easy to overlook is most bathrooms are designed for adult use. Even with small bathroom design schemes, from a child’s view often everything seems too high, too big, too heavy and too cumbersome to navigate easily. Even placing a child potty beside the adult toilet can create space issues and a potentially dangerous situation. One of the easiest ways to help your child love bathtime is to create a space designed for kids. Placing light fixtures, flush handles, sinks and commodes lower can help a child feel safe and at home in the bathroom. As well, personalized low storage drawers with kids’ names on them, low towel racks and step stools can help kids feel like the bathroom is a personal space for them, too.

Fun Colors and Art Your Kids Choose

Another way to encourage your child to love bathtime is to design your bathroom with fun colors and artwork. Even better — invite your child to pick out the color scheme, art, lighting fixtures and music you choose for their bathtime. You might even add an area where they can draw on the walls with erasable chalk and a personalized storage section just for their toys. If you add fun tiles along the inner rims of the bathtub, make fixtures child-friendly, hang pictures of their favorite characters (or their own drawings) as artwork and add a CD player to play their favourite tracks, bathtime can quickly become a collaborative effort where everybody has fun.

Interchangeable Themes

Interchangeable themes are a great way to keep bathtime fun and fresh for your child. If you have more than one child, allow each child to pick the theme of a different month. You can buy temporary stick-ons or static-cling decals of their favorite characters for mirrors and inexpensive artwork to display their favorite pictures. Use the mirror or wall for erasable artwork and games.  Anything you can do to add novelty and variety to the bathroom will keep your child engaged at bathtime. If you can start with a neutral theme using your child’s favorite colors as a backdrop, you should have flexibility to make frequent inexpensive changes as your child’s interests change.

Stock Your Child’s Bathroom With Bath-Time Toys

Finally, today there is a variety of fun bathtime accessories that address everything from brushing teeth to washing hair. Towels, shower caps, bath mitts, washcloths, toothpaste and electric toothbrushes — all of these enliven some of the more mundane (for kids: boring) bathtime rituals. Change these frequently as your child’s interests change and as they get older to keep bathtime fresh and exciting.

As you incorporate one or more of these ideas into your child’s bathtime experience, you may find they become enthusiastic and start to offer their suggestions as well. Incorporate any feasible suggestions from your child to keep them excited about their participation in bathtime. Asking older children to help younger children “learn the routine” can ensure older children stay involved in and enthusiastic about the bathtime experience.


About the Author: Laurie Franck is an interior decorator and blogger who helps clients make the most of any space.




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