Valentine Monster Love Bags



Friday I went into my daughter’s school to help them make a fun Valentine’s Day bag to store all their Valentines in. One of the other moms had brought in all the materials and myself and few other moms helped cut out materials and helped the kids make them.

You can fin more information on how to make it and the templates here: There is a fee, but if you look throughout the site you may find other projects that do not require a fee.


Basically you take a paper shopping bag. Add a fun shaped face, eyes and mouth and glue it on the front.



Then take strips pf paper and accordion them (just fold them up) and add feet and hands. On the back was a little information sheet about their monster. What the monster likes and it’s favorite color and foods. The children had a lot of fun making their Valentine Monsters!


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  1. those are so cute. my son had to do a valentines day box, so I covered a shoe box in chalk board contact paper and let him use chalk on his.

  2. These are adorable, especially for collecting all of those cute cards from the classroom exchanges.

  3. Very cute. I used to do this alot when I worked in Kindergarten.

  4. Those are so cute! My little dude has a thing for monsters, he’d like these.

  5. How cute! My son made a Valentines box that looked like a sweet smiley face then added fangs and called it Valempire. lol.

  6. These are so cute!!!

  7. So cute!

  8. What a cute idea!