Bachelor Party Ideas That Won’t Put the Marriage in Jeopardy

I didn’t worry too much about my hubby’s bachelor party. Okay, maybe I did. He was a firefighter after all and those guys can get crazy sometimes. But these are some great ideas!


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Do you have the responsibility as the best man to plan the groom’s bachelor party? While the classic bachelor party ideas may be fun, why not look for creative and clean ways for the groom to spend his final night of freedom?


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The old cliché of a bachelor party is that it is a drunken mess that usually devolves into hanging out at a strip club. However, there are many more classy and cool ways to spend your bachelor party that will be a lot more fun — and that the soon-to-be-bride will approve of.

Going Hunting

Are you and your group of friends city-slickers who have always wanted to experience the thrill of a hunting trip out in the wild? There are several tour companies throughout Canada that offer guided hunting trips for bachelor parties.

The experienced guides will instruct you on gun safety and then lead you through the wilderness hunting anything from deer to pheasant to wild rams, depending on the region. There is a lot of variety when it comes to luxury on these expeditions as some will have you staying in tents in the wild while others will offer accommodation in a lodge or a cabin.

Trip to Las Vegas

When it comes to glitz, glamour and good times, Las Vegas is the perfect place to party. Although Las Vegas is a pretty typical bachelor party destination, it never seems to go out of style. There is a lot more to do than just gamble; there are tons of shows to see including comedy acts, cover bands, entertainers new and old and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Of course, there is always plenty of time for chilling by the pool with a drink or dancing until dawn. There are usually tons of cheap flights to Vegas available and you can all share a large suite at a semi-decent hotel.

Camping Trip

All you and your buddies need is a big tent, lots of meat to roast on the fire and plenty of beer and you can have a great bachelor party camping trip. Head to your favourite nearby national park or campsite and set up camp. While you are there, you can go fishing, hiking or even canoeing. You can have a lot of fun just relaxing out in the woods with your best friends.

Sports Outing

Perhaps there is a big game coming up for your favorite baseball, football or hockey team. A great idea for a bachelor party is to buy tickets for the game and cheer on your team together. If you really want to splash out, rent a private box so that you can watch the game in style. You could have the pre- and post-game celebrations at your favorite local pub or at someone’s house, with a plenty of snacks and beer of course.

Karaoke Night

There is nothing quite like a group of jovially intoxicated grown men singing along to Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” A karaoke night can be a great way to build camaraderie and have a few laughs at each other’s expense as you belt out the classics. Your local bar likely features a karaoke night, so plan to hit it up together. If you want to really make it fun and challenging, make a rule that no one is allowed to choose their own karaoke song and once you get up on stage you must sing whatever gets thrown at you.

Road Trip

Rent a van, stock up on snacks and awesome tunes and hit the road! Heading out on the open road to go exploring makes for a great bachelor party and it is totally up to you in which direction you go. Plan out a route and include some great stops along the way, perhaps to some destinations and attractions that the groom has always wanted to see. Or, you can go the spontaneous route and flip a coin to see where the journey takes you.

These are just a few of the fun activities that you could plan for a bachelor party, so why not get started putting together your party?


About the Author: Caleb Walker is a web designer and blogger who recently planned a camping and canoeing trip in the Rocky Mountains for his brother’s bachelor party.


I'm a mother of 2 who likes to get involved in too much! Besides writing here I started a non-profit, I'm on the PTO board, very active in my community and volunteer in the school. I enjoy music, reading, cooking, traveling and spending time with my family. We just adopted our 3rd cat and love them all!

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  1. I love Las Vegas but would not want my SO to go there without me!

  2. I had a pretty crazy party but hubby didn’t have an “official” bachelor party.

  3. I love these ideas. My ex husband had a bachelor party and his friends hired what they thought were strippers, they danced around in swimsuits and they were very disappointed lol

  4. Those are great ideas. Who says the night before getting married has to mean living it up in debauchery?

  5. my husbands friends always do Vegas.

  6. Hubby shot pool and ordered pizza 🙂 Us girls went to get mani-pedis 🙂

  7. My husband would have loved a guys camping trip. that’s a good idea!

  8. I’ve always wanted to go to Vegas, maybe one day we’ll dish out the money and go!

  9. Great ideas. You trust your spouse there shouldn’t be an issue on what they bachelor party is doing. IF he does any thing wrong the wedding is called off. End of story

  10. Wonderful ideas!

  11. I think a trip to vegas can get you in trouble! lol

  12. My husband went to a bachelor party in Vegas and ended up losing his wedding ring.

  13. We live in Vegas so my husband’s bachelor party was here of course- but it was just going out to a sushi lunch with 2 friends & then going to downtown Vegas to gamble for a couple of hours. Pretty low key.

  14. I would never consider a trip to Vegas something marriage friendly and I have lived her my entire life.

  15. I trip to vegas could get you in trouble though.

  16. these are great ideas. neither me or my husband had a party

  17. These are great ideas. We didn’t have any of these fun parties when I got married.

  18. Love all of these ideas, especially camping. It is a great way to bond without getting in trouble.

  19. Karoake sounds like fun.

  20. Lol, I think a trip to Vegas might be a little dangerous.

  21. We didn’t even do bachelor and bachelorette parties. LOL But these are great ideas!

  22. My husband and his buddies jumped off a railroad bridge into the canal for a bachelor get together.

  23. Those are great ideas! I like the concept of not going somewhere shady and doing something oudoorsy.

  24. These are great ideas!

  25. My nephew and his buddies went rafting and camping!

  26. My husband went shooting with his buddies.

  27. We didn’t have a bachelor or bacherlorette party for our impending nuptials. I personally don’t really understand the point of them. After we were married there was still Girls and Guys nights out….