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For those considering a career in nursing, or those already working as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), the city in which they work in has a large effect on pay, job options, and career advancement. With the healthcare field as large and diverse as it currently is, LPNs number about 309,000 and make up 19% of the nursing field. Many LPNs are moving to larger cities to be able to find jobs. While the outlook is good for LPNs, the best way to find stable employment and bring home a decent income is to know where LPNs are highest in demand.


New Haven, CT
The job outlook for LPNs in New Haven looks good through 2016. With 6,000 LPNs in the city, LPNs in New Haven are making an average of $24.39 an hour.


Boston, MA
In Boston, there are about 15,000 LPNs working in 14 hospitals and many other outpatient facilities. Being a larger and diverse city, Boston offers opportunities for bilingual LPNs, as well as LPNs with experience with the geriatric population. An LPN ins Boston can expect to make $22.72 an hour, and job prospects are projected to continue to grow.


Washington, D.C.
In the capital of the U.S. LPNs are in especially high demand in outpatient facilities such as nursing homes and home care. Many LPNs in Washington, D.C. are being hired right out of school, and are starting at $21.38 an hour. At mid level, LPNs in Washington, D.C. can expect to make upwards of $30 an hour.


Providence, Rhode Island

Another capital city, Providence, Rhode Island has reported a shortage of LPNs since 2008. Due to its location, Rhode Island has not seen an influx of LPNs, causing wages to steadily increase. Since 2008, an average LPN salary has risen by $4 an hour. Now, an LPN can expect to make $21.38 to start, and reach $28 at mid level.


Long Beach, California
Everything costs more in California, and the wages are high accordingly. An LPN in Long Beach right out school can expect to make $22.12 an hour. There is also a reported need in hospital settings and home care. There is still expected to be a shortage of LPNs in Long Beach due to the sheer size of the market, and it would be a good option for a recent graduate with freedom to relocate.


Nursing is truly a universal career that can take a qualified professional anywhere. The job prospects continue to be best in larger cities, although smaller markets like Rhode Island and Connecticut will typically pay better due to the lack of LPNs in the area. Larger cities will always have jobs due to size, but wages may not always reflect the higher costs of living in such cities as Long Beach or Los Angeles. LPNs with flexibility to relocate will continue to be the most employable because of the nature of the work. The best way to prepare for a career in practical nursing is to gain experience. The highest salaries, regardless of location, are paid to LPNs with 3-5 years of experience. A recent graduate that works hard can go anywhere with practical nursing, and if the city is chosen well, can expect to make a great income.


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