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It is not unusual for a person to select a specific credit card based on the type of reward program it offers.   For those who enjoy travel, they look for cards that reward with airline miles.  For those that love to shop, they look for cards that offer cash back or gift card bonuses. It is a financially smart decision with great benefits.

With this in mind, anyone who enjoys online games should also look for a game site that gives rewards for playing their games. That’s right; you can play games online for money. When you join Swagbucks, you become a member of one of the most prominent loyalty programs on the Internet.  You can earn real money for playing games, completing surveys, and visiting websites.


If you love to shop, you can earn even more rewards by shopping though the site. What could be better than coming home to unwind by playing a few games and knowing that you are making some quick cash on the side? Rewards add up fast, and in no time at all you can take advantage of one of the many rewards the site offers. Most people opt for the gift cards because it allows them to buy something they really want guilt free.  Think about it, you want something new but you don’t want to break your budget.  So you play some games, earn the rewards, cash in for a gift card and buy your item without ever breaking your budget.

You can play games for money without ever investing any of your money.  You are not required to pay for a subscription, a membership, or even to play any specific games.  The site is there ready for you to use and enjoy, and all you need to do is play. With the type of economy that everyone is currently facing, finding ways to earn extra money is a very good thing.  When you must make every penny count, why not also make every activity count.

Take advantage of a loyalty program that is willing to reward you for things you love to do during your free time, without requiring you to spend any of your own cash. Getting the most from your time and money is what successful people do to get ahead in life.  They se an opportunity and they take advantage of it to its fullest extent.  Join the ranks of the very successful and start earning money for playing online games.



This is a sponsored post.


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  1. I didn’t know they had anything but search for swagbucks. Interesting!

  2. I’ve been using Swagbucks for years…I think since around 2007. The first reward I ever collected from them was a Maroon 5 poster. 😀

  3. I used to use SwagBucks but haven’t been lately.

  4. I hear about swagbucks all the time, but never have used it. Swagbucks for playing games… well that is intriguing. 🙂

  5. i haven’t used swagbucks in a few years. i do like the birthday swagbucks i used to get!

  6. I love Swagbucks. Trying to use it more regularly again. It’s great for racking up amazon gc’s!

  7. I need to use it more regularly. I always forget!

  8. I signed up for Swagbucks! I’m looking forward to my points adding up.

  9. I’ve redeemed for a few GCs from SwagBucks with my points, I always forget to use it though, I could have so many more points racked up!

  10. I LOVE SwagBucks! I just wish they had a referral link you could see (and share) rather than spamming people on Facebook with it.

  11. I’ve never played any of the games or done surveys. Have done several searches though 🙂

  12. Totally love Swagbucks, so awesome! I am very close to earning another gift card! Whoo hoo!

  13. I’ve been using SwagBucks for a while now! Easy and fun to earn gift cards and stuff – didn’t know they had games too!