Wacky Holidays for the Month of June

I’ve seen a few wacky holidays and decided to look them up and see what was coming up that we could have fun and celebrate. There are a lot of wacky holidays. I only picked a few that I thought we could play along with.


June 5th – Hot Air Balloon Day – (make a hot air balloon craft?) Found a cute one here.

June 7-8 – Donut Day – (take the kids for donuts)



June 7-8  – Banana Split Day (make one)

June 9th – Donald Duck Day (watch some Disney cartoons)

Picture 149


June 11th – Corn on the Cob Day (eat some)

June 12th – National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

June 15th – World Juggling Day

June 16th – Fudge Day (my hubby will be happy if I make some)

June 21st – National Flip Flop Day (make a craft or wear em)


Have you celebrated any wacky holidays? Which ones will you celebrate this month?




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  1. I had to LOL at Donald Duck day, but I am all for Fudge Day!

  2. Now Donut Day is something I can really stand behind, lol! My hubby has been on a serious donut kick too.. maybe I will surprise him with something fun and yummy!

  3. What a fun month June is with Donut Day and Banana Split Day! My kids would love to hear this – they enjoy any excuse to eat donuts and ice cream1

  4. I would do Donut Day and Corn on the cob day.

  5. I totally celebrate Donut Day! I wish every day was Donut day. lol.

  6. Those are very cool, I want to celebrate them all!!

  7. These are a fun way to make summer memorable! Um, yeah.. I just might have to make fudge since there is a fudge day. That’s a good enough excuse to induldge, right?

  8. Can’t it be Donut day every day???

  9. OMG.. I love this.. I had never heard of most of these and LOVE your tips on how to celebrate…I so will have to save this and celebrate.. LOVE the Banana Split day.. better grab some stuff before the rain/storm hits or I’ll miss June 7th… thanks for sharing

  10. I am all for Donut Day. And who wouldn’t want to watch Disney cartoons on Donald Duck Day?

  11. Oh my goodness, it seems they have a day for just about anything. I’m all for Donut Day!!!

  12. I like banana split day!

  13. The easiest one would be flip flop day! But the most fun are the food ones. 🙂

  14. These food holidays all sound good to me! 😀

  15. Corn on the cob is my favorite!

  16. I swear there seems to be a different type of wacky holiday almost every day. My fav would be ice cream day!

  17. Now I can handle donut day!

  18. What a fun list – I’m all for National Donut Day! We celebrated National Licorice Day earlier this year.

  19. I have to say that June is full of wonderful reasons to celebrate! 🙂

  20. That’s funny! We had donuts today for National Donut Day!

  21. There is a holiday for everything, huh? ~lol~ 🙂

  22. I would’ve loved to celebrate Donut and Banana Split Day. But looks like we’re too late.

  23. I fully intend on celebrating Donald Duck day! Side note, if you have a tropical smoothie near you they do free smoothies on flip flop day 🙂

  24. I wonder who combs up with these holidays. Never know any of them ever existed.

  25. Who knew there were such fun days in June?!

  26. I LOVE all the food holidays — so fun!

  27. No we haven’t celebrated any wacky holidays but my daughter will celebrate her bday June 17.