Storing Things Safely

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No matter how good you are about cleaning out old stuff, you are likely to have some things you just don’t want to throw away. Storing things in a spare closet, in the garage, shed or basement is often the solution people choose. Properly packing things away for storage is critical. Without proper packing techniques, you risk having issues when you experience a flood or other problem. Items packed away in boxes and tossed on the garage floor are vulnerable to water damage. When a car is wet, the water will come off the car and soak into the boxes, destroying everything inside. You can take steps to prevent damage to your valuables. Here are some tips on how you can store things safely.


Tip # 1: Clean out the Junk

The first thing you can do is clean out all the junk. You do not want to store things that you really don’t need. While all your old college books cost you a lot of money, how often do you really find yourself reading them again? Send them to the recycling bin so they can be reused. Finding cheap storage in Tallahassee or anywhere convenient for you can help you save money. But while cheap storage is available, it’s best to make sure you’re not wasting money by storing unwanted items.


Place items into organized piles, so you know what you want to store, how long to store it and what to toss out. If some things are holiday items, plan on packing them into totes to take to the storage unit. This way you won’t end up having too many things stored in the basement or garage.


Tip # 2: Pack It Right

Once you have everything organized, start packing it away correctly. Use storage totes that are waterproof to help protect all your necessities. Storage totes are great as they prevent rain water from getting inside and ruining everything. There are a variety of sizes you can choose from when buying totes, making them a great solution for efficient storage.

When you are taking things to a storage unit, remember that not all units are climate-controlled. If an item is susceptible to heat or cold air, you might need to keep it in your home to protect it. Storage units are often dusty, so you need to make sure you are covering your items. If you place a couch in storage, for example, cover it with a drop cloth. If you keep things in boxes, cover them with trash bags or drop cloth to keep dust out. Never place cardboard boxes on the floor; there is always a risk of water getting under the garage and causing damage. Never pack items that are moist in an air-tight box, as it will cause them to mildew.


Tip # 3: Correct Storage Timelines

One final thing to determine is how long you want to store things. Appliances can be stored for a time, but if they are wet at all, they might end up having problems in the future. Always clean and dry them before you place them in a storage unit. Nice appliances will become damaged if they are not stored correctly. Remember to open the doors on a fridge or freezer when it is being stored to reduce any problems with water that might still be inside. Talk to the company you are renting your storage unit from, as they might have some boxes and other things you can use when you are planning to store expensive items and specialty items.


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