Cheezy Middles Sweepstakes (giveaway)

I am working with Temptation Cat Treats with this post and giveaway.

Silly Kitties

(I’m sorry these pictures are a little blurry, but I just love them!)

Do you have a silly cat? I have two, Spice and Zena.  Our cats are such a big part of our family! They are very affectionate and super friendly. But oh my how silly they are sometimes.

What cat doesn’t like a good treat? Temptations has a new line of “cheezy” treats for your favorite cat. They have real cheese flavor along with chicken, tuna and beef. The treats have a crunchy outside and a soft filling on the inside. Since Temptation knows nine out of ten cats like their treats they have a really fun contest going on right now on Facebook.

It’s super easy to do, just head to their Facebook page and share a photo of your cat’s “cheeziest” moments. one person will win a year’s supply of Cheezy Middles!!  I’m sure you have a few pictures on your computer so why not enter? Want to try them first? Temptations Cheezy Middles are available at most pet and grocery stores nationwide, but don’t wait too long to enter. The contest ends November 20th. See official rules at

But wait!!

You can win a prize pack right here on Mommy Has to Work. Yes that’s a $25 GC in there!!


All you have to do is right a caption for one of my pictures below. Use the rafflecopter for more details.





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  1. Bottom picture
    OH!! look a bat treat for me

  2. Hello, Mr. Spider … I really want to play .

  3. Mary Happymommy says:

    Bottom picture: “I have you cornered…now I’ve got you!”

  4. Tami Vollenweider says:

    “I just want to be Friends”

  5. Sharon Rooney says:

    I see you come a little closer

  6. Here spider, here spider, I’m waiting.

  7. Alina Hahn says:

    Help! The ghost and spiders are going to get me!

  8. Jessica H. says:

    I come in peace.


    Just…a…bit…more. Ugh. I knew I shouldn’t have skipped the gym this week.

    I am not good at this! Sorry! lol

  9. nannypanpan says:

    this spider is no fun, he’s not even swinging

  10. For the top picture: It’s not easy bein’ the big cheezy!

  11. Lazy kitty, laying in the sun

  12. I think I’m a bit batty today!

  13. “Not in my house”.

  14. That spider is mine!

  15. Top picture: “Oh slave! Come bring me my pillow to rest my head on!”

  16. I will be very patient and then you will be all mine!

  17. im going to eat you lol. so cute

  18. “I will get you”

  19. Top photo: So much time… so little to do.

  20. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    Cat sprawling picture-Its going to be a long day

  21. Thomas Murphy says:

    Don’t worry, I just want to play!

  22. Meow, I can be a “black” cat for halloween

  23. Bottom pic: Wow, they really needs to clean the windows more often!

  24. I love laying in the sun and warming

  25. This is driving me batty!