Content Runner: A Great Way to Make Money on the Side

 This is a guest post.


If you have a talent for expressing ideas and educating others through your writing, you might be able to make some extra money on the side. Writing articles online through Content Runner allows you to choose your own schedule, provides you with the opportunity to learn about interesting and useful subject matter, and is easy to use.


Content Runner Allows You to Work Where and When You Want

Most of us have had jobs, classes, or other obligations that require our presence during set hours during the day. Unfortunately, this kind of schedule is not very flexible. With a set schedule, it is difficult to commit to other activities and responsibilities, and there is very little wiggle room for unexpected life occurrences.


On the other hand, after agreeing to write an article on Content Runner, you have four full days to complete the assignment, giving you the freedom to work whenever it’s convenient for you. If you already have a job, Content Runner is a great way to make extra money on the side without interfering with your schedule. Even the location that you complete your article is completely up to you; you can work from the comfort of your own home, the library, your favorite café, and you could even take your work with you on vacation! Content Runner’s schedule allows you to tailor your work hours and location to fit your lifestyle.


Learn on Content Runner

Content Runner allows you to choose from a variety of topics, from gardening tips and tricks, to health and science, to financial advice. When you choose an article you find interesting, you have an incentive to research the topic in order to write the article to the best of your ability. As you conduct research for your article, you will accrue knowledge about subjects that can be applied to your own life. With the plethora of subjects available, you will be introduced to an abundance of educational material.


User Friendly

Joining and registering with Content Runner is easy, and only takes a few minutes. You have the opportunity to fill out your online profile, and to state which subject matters you are most knowledgeable about. It is easy to set up direct deposits, to choose and submit articles, and to view your payment balance and your next estimated pay date. Content Runner makes the process even smoother by messaging you to remind you of deadlines, and to alert you when you are sent a payment.


Write Great Articles

In order to write great articles, it is important to pay attention to the prompt you are given. Make sure you are addressing each aspect thoroughly and concisely. It is also important that you be cognizant of any tones or writing styles that are requested, and to include links to pertinent articles and sources. Finally, proofread your article to make sure it is grammatically correct, professional, and easy to read.


With the opportunity to choose your own hours, research unique topics, and peruse prospective articles quickly, Content Runner offers a fantastic way for writers to make money on the side.




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