Creating a Winter Wonderland in your Garden

Christmas Lights
It’s that time of year again. The leaves are falling from the trees, the days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping. Soon, snow will be falling from the sky. Here in New Jersey, people are gearing up to create a Winter Wonderland in their gardens.


If you are planning to have real trees as a fixture in your winter wonderland, you will want to make sure that you have irrigated your lawn. There are many options for irrigation in New Jersey. Irrigating your lawn will protect your trees from frost during the cold months. This also benefits your lawn and plants in the summer months. Artificial plants and trees are also good additions to your winter garden, especially if low maintenance is important.

Pine Trees

Pine trees, both real and artificial, can be staple additions. If you choose to go with real pine trees, it could take a while for them to grow large enough to have a good impact on your garden. Artificial pine trees also do the trick. The will look just as nice, and you don’t have to wait a few years for them to grow. Whether you opt for real pine or artificial, make sure to hang lights on your trees as this will add the perfect ambience to your winter garden.


The atmosphere you want to create in your garden is important. You want to create a warm, friendly feel. Having elements and decorations that are cheerful will certainly create a festive mood. Ensure that your garden is clutter-free if you are looking for a sense of elegance.


Lights strung up on your house or across your yard can be a perfect addition to your winter wonderland theme. You can use traditionally colored lights or opt for the bright LED variety. Icicle lights are also a great accent that can make your yard look stunningly frosted. All types of lights can be put up on the trees in your yard, your house or even your fence. Don’t be afraid to get creative but also be safe if climbing trees and ladders is involved!


Decorations add a perfect flare to your yard. Reindeer, snowmen and wreaths on the door are perfect for your winter wonderland theme. You could also add some garlands around your fence for a festive feel. Having a bench or a small table with chairs can also be a nice touch. These will also be practical for sitting outside if you’re lucky enough for the weather to be nice.

If you dream of having a winter wonderland in your garden, these ideas will help you get started. Make sure you start your planning well before the snow has hit. Trying to set up a beautiful garden in the cold and snow won’t be as enjoyable and may be dangerous as the weather can cause hazards such as ice. Once your garden is set up, you can sit back, relax and just let the festivities begin.

Photo credit: StarrGazr / / CC BY-NC-ND


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  2. Ok, now THAT is a winter wonderland!!

  3. It looks so gorgeous!

  4. Some of our neighbors go all out at Christmastime – I always say I am going to do it, but I usually just focus on the indoors.

  5. I love seeing all the decorated gardens and lawns at Christmas time. They are always so beautiful!

  6. I love LED lights at Christmas because they are so inexpensive to run. Who needs to be spending money on a huge electric bill in January? Not me!

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  8. We started decorating outdoors a few years ago and each year it’s getting better and better although not as elaborate as the photo above.

  9. I have always wanted to do something big in our yard for the holidays, but I have only ever gotten as far as the porch.