Medical Alert Systems

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My parents are getting older and I’ve begun to start worrying about them. My father and his wife are rarely apart so I’m not as worried about them but my mom, she lives by herself. I take that back, she has a roommate right now but you never know how that situation will play out. I wonder if I should sign her up for medial alert services.

My mom, Rachel, lives about 40 minutes south of us. She lives in a mobile home park with a ton of friends and neighbors around but it’s like the shoe is on the other foot and I worry about her more than she worries about me. Strange how that works. She is very active and actually has two small part times jobs taking care of ladies older than her. But she is diabetic and has been hospitalized three times in the last 7 years.

The first time was super scary. She had the flu and some stomach issues. She went in and we were told her kidneys were failing. While she was in she had a heart attach and suffered blood clots. She was in the hospital for three weeks! The second time was scheduled, a hip replacement. The third time, thankfully she had friends visiting and her blood pressure was not right and they took her to the ER. Her medications were not controlled properly by the doctors. She did not have to stay for that last time.



So of course I worry about her.

I asked my husband who is a retired firefighter/paramedic what he thought of  medical alarms. You know the ones that the seniors wear around like a necklace or bracelet. He thought they were a great idea. He worked in a high senior area and went on many calls as a result. His only negative was that the calls were not directly linked to 911. I can see how it’s a good thing and a bad thing. Responders wouldn’t need to go on calls that were only false alarms.

I honestly can’t see my mom wearing one at this time but I will be keeping in mind for the future.


Do you know anyone who wears a medical alert?






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  1. My grandmothers and Hubs’ grandmothers refused to wear them. I wish there was a way to make them more palatable to the older generation because I think they are a wonderful innovation.

  2. I don’t know anyone, but my grandma could probably use one.

  3. I think these are a great idea, I hope that when my mom needs one she will wear it.

  4. I am trying to convince my mom to wear one. She is 75 and though she doesn’t want to, I worry about something happening.

  5. I know it must be hard to realize that you are at a point when you have to wear a necklace or bracelet ‘just in case’, but I hope that it becomes more accepted for their sake.

  6. I may need to get these for my parents soon!

  7. My great aunt is in her mid-80’s and lives alone, and I wish she had one of those. She is in great health, but I still worry.

  8. karen medlin says:

    My elderly neighbor wears one, We are trying get my mother in law to wear one. She is 85 and refuses to live with anyone. This would bring a bit of comfort to the family if she would.

  9. Sometimes I think I could use one, because I’m so drained, have no one but my kids around (who can’t call for help) and I get overwhelmed.

  10. My Mom lives with me, but I still worry about her when she’s home alone.

  11. wow I wish we have this here. My parents are getting older and it does get worrying…

  12. My grandpa wore a medical alert bracelet for years while my grandma was still working. It was so nice having peace of mind that even if he was home alone, someone knew and could be alerted.

  13. We are trying to get my grandparents to agree to wear medical alert bracelets right now!

  14. I don’t know anyone who wears one, but I think this is such an excellent safety piece for anyone who is aging or has a medical condition.

  15. My mom is still young right now but I can see at some point this being a worry.

  16. I need to look into getting these for my dad and step-dad. My dad lives alone and has had fainted few times. Last time that he did, my brother came in time and had to rush him to the hospital. He had a very high white cell count, but the doctors said it was related to pneumonia. Since he is a diabetic, we worry about him a lot! As for my step-dad, he is wheel-chair bound and he also lives alone.

  17. I’ve been worrying about my MIL and will talk to my husband about this. Thanks for sharing!

  18. my grandma had one – was very useful.

  19. This is such a great product for seniors.

  20. I have many patients who wear them, and I highly advocate for them.

  21. My parents are getting older & have health issues. Getting about time for them to have a service like this.

  22. Great Grandma (who is 91) wears the necklace. It gives her peace of mind which is SO important!

  23. I think that this is a good idea if one’s elderly parents or grandparents live alone. Peace of mind is priceless.

  24. I believe my Grandpa had one before he went into assisted living.

  25. We dont have a medical alert for my parents but my mom has Alzheimer’s and as it progresses I certainly will consider it.

  26. If so many of my siblings weren’t in the same town as my mom, I would really like her to be wearing something like this too. She does live alone and she has fallen and has had TIA’s so it’s getting a little scary.

  27. Tami Vollenweider says:

    It’s really worth it for your relative to have one. My Mom used it many times the in the past and was a life saver.I live about an hour away,so I couldn’t always get their in time,so we always told her to call,if she nedded help and they would call us when it happened!

  28. I don’t know anyone who wears one, but I think they are a great idea. I agree with your husband – it would be best to link directly to 911. However, a call to the medical alert call center is better than no call at all in many situations.

  29. I don’t know of anyone who wears an emergency medical alert device but I hear about them all the time on TV.